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Degree Plan Help - COSC vs TESU
(06-26-2018, 09:18 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote: Regovista, It's never too late!  Do the following steps to get the registration done for the Capstone course.  

1) Log into OSS -
2) Click Student Menu, Click My Profile - Student Status has to show the following
CPPEN Corporate Choice Enrolled.  If it shows something else, you need to fix it.
Go to Step 3 if it is already showing as CPPEN Corporate Choice Enrolled.

A) If it shows anything else, first thing you need to do is get a transcript sent to TESU.
This is a transcript request:
B) Once the submission is made, it will only take 24 hours to get sent to TESU.  Call TESU.
Get them to apply the Affiliation to your account

3) While in OSS, log into Search, Register, Drop courses.

Term: August 2018
Subject: Business
Academic Level: Undergraduate
The online course or guided study, take your pick, I recommend the Online Course instead.

Pay for the course with your Credit Card, it will have a 0.0285% charge.
Unless you have a banking account you can use to auto transfer.
The cost should be $1098+ extra surcharge for the entire course.

4) Email and Call 609-984-4099 tomorrow with the following info:

I am going to be paying for the Residency Waiver Fee, but need to know how I go ahead and do that.  Fellow students have informed me to call the 609-984-4099 number for assistance, but I keep getting hold music and waited for a few times already.
I am hoping that I can get this Residency Waiver paid for before June 28, 2018.  I am on affiliate pricing and don't want to miss out on the current affiliate pricing discount.

Thank you for this! I have to get the transcript from sent.
regovista Wrote:Also: I've been revising (and revising) my degree plan from 2016 as I go, and I have the degree plan you sent me earlier this year. Your newest plan doesn't say that for the AOS, at least 12 credits have to be upper level. TESU's website doesn't say it either. Did this requirement change?

Which AOS? List your courses or upload the most updated spreadsheet you have with the changes. I can review it for you too.
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2019 BALS and BSBA Spreadsheet using mainly SL/ (post#28,31)
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~Review: Beginners Guide sticky for info on TESU BALS/BSBA in 4 months (post #16)
~Note: Read Wiki guide links for TESU equivalency - CLEP/DSST/SL/, etc
You can start the Capstone at late as the August term for December graduation and you don't have to have any particular prerequisites done. You can bring in transfer credits right into late Nov, if you have to. Best not to cut it too close.
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PLA Tips Thread - TESU: What is in a Portfolio? - InstantCert Credit

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