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Graduate Program Options when Completing Bachelors
Hey All!

I don't have tuition reimbursement and I'm nearing 50, so spending a bunch of money on a master's degree probably doesn't have a great ROI given my age and how long it would take to pay off the loan before retirement. I'm seeing if there are ways to make it work now before graduating with my BA in Psych since I only have my AOS left to do, then capstone/SOS-110.

Let's say I was interested in becoming a licensed therapist or counselor, which requires a master's degree.

I don't know if I missed it, but it doesn't look like TESU offers anything with their BA to MA programs so that I could save on the tuition for masters. 

Do you know if WGU offers this? Or are there really affordable masters out there and I can look elsewhere? I'm willing to transfer if it means that I'd be saving on my Masters in the long run.


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Capella has the competency-based Flexpath program, last I saw it was $2500/12 weeks, there were 5 different MS in Psych degrees.

Walden's Tempo Learning (also competency-based) is $2350/3 months, and they also have the MS in Psych or MS in I/O Psych.

Neither would require you stopping your BA - as a matter of fact, both require you to finish your BA first.

They both have MS in Counseling degrees, but are not competency-based. Capella's looks to be about $35k. Walden's is $38k. Both will take transfer credit, but I'm not really sure where you'd find that inexpensively.
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The two tempo based Walden courses are still half off right now for the life of the program (spoke to an advisor this afternoon) and he confirmed but couldn’t say until when. So it’s $1300 and change plus a $75 tech fee every 3 mos.
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WGU only has Bachelors/Masters offerings in the following 4 fields: Business, IT, Nursing, Teaching. TESU has a Bachelors to Masters program and that is possible for your BALS or BA in ABC or BA in XYZ.

For Amberton - People have been taking VESI courses and getting 12 grad credits to transfer into the MA Professional Development (up to 12 credits can be transferred in).

There are numerous options to transfer into Amberton for cheap, cheapest option mentioned on the forums was VESI or ACE grad courses worth up to 12 credits to transfer over...

Then there is Capella/Walden and other competency based education providers, that are offering very affordable Masters degrees, especially Walden if you finish in 6 months. Technically, with their "half off" specials, they're cheaper/easier/faster than WGU!
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