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Graduate School Musings
(12-30-2018, 09:41 PM)cookderosa Wrote:
(12-30-2018, 08:00 PM)dfrecore Wrote:
(12-30-2018, 11:57 AM)cookderosa Wrote: Is full time an eventual goal, or would you be happy teaching a few days per week?  Secondary is almost always 5 days per week (180 days give or take) and really no flexibility, where postsecondary is uber flexible.  

No flexibility in that you get 81 days off in addition to weekends?  So no weekends, no holidays, 2+ months off for summer, 1 week off for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks off for Christmas, 1-2 weeks off for Spring Break - that lack of flexibility??  Big Grin

LOL meaning you can't pick your work days or take your family holiday in the middle of September.  ;p

The joys of homeschooling.  We used to plan our vacations out with the "what's the least busy week of the year for Disney World?  Great, we'll go then!"  We did EVERYTHING when it wasn't busy.  One year, we went to Disneyland on a Wed/Thur, although it was cold and yucky.  We didn't have to wait in line for a single ride.  If we wanted to go on 2x or 3x in a row, they would let us.  Then, Friday, it warmed up, and we went, and the kids were like "why are all these PEOPLE here??"  We opted to leave after a couple of hours because they didn't want to wait in lines.  Tongue

Now of course, we are slaves to the school system and it bites!  I don't know how people do this!!
EDIT TO ADD: The least busy time to go to Disneyworld is usually the first full week after the 1st. Think the Sunday when everyone is leaving to go back to school the next day. That's also when people with really little kids go (none are in school yet), but they don't want to do the same rides we do, so even that's great!
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We went to Disney one year in mid January when they had their annual Homeschool Days. We only did one of the big programs they offered, but it was great and our tickets were deeply discounted. It was a great experience!

Thank you for all of the advice. I think being an adjunct is going to fit my schedule best for the time being. Right now I am planning on taking the last two PIA classes and I will take a good look at the other programs that were mentioned and look for a good class in Teaching Writing.

Thanks again!
19 year old son: On his way to earning associates degree.  College credits (27) earned  and enrolled in (3) ACE (16).  Gathering credits and planning on applying for the Pierpont BOG AAS this summer. 
Myself: BS Business/French-1991, Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling-1995, currently working on gathering 20 graduate credits in English.  ENGL S-300 at HES--A-(4), ENGL- E-182a(4) A and ENGL- E-182h(4) A-.  Currently enrolled in ENGL 182m(4) and ENGL 305(4).     

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