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How are Excelsior test graded?
I just took the World Population test from Excelsior and I had studied using Week's Population book, notes and references from here and IC. I felt confident when I sat down, but after 10 or so questions, I felt like I was in trouble. I have mixed feelings on my overall performance now.

I know the test book says that they only count the questions that are right. My question is excactly how many questions do you need right to pass? There was 130 total.
I sat this one as my first ECE and took it just for a lark. I didn't study for it, knew very little of the answers that it asked for, and still managed to come away with a "D". That didn't count (or at least didn't before the new year) towards my degree, but it gave me a taste of the ECE's.

I think World Pop has a pretty large grading curve, so if you've done all of that studying, then you should easily do better than I did. Don't sweat it. Until you get the grade back you won't know, so start studying for the next test on your list. Wink
Total Credits Earned: 162 - (with Forum Admin's permission)

So do you have to make a C or % score to have it counted as a pass?
First, I am surprised that you are apparently still able to take a paper-and-pencil Excelsior exam -- I thought they had gone 100% electronic.

But more on point, each Excelsior exam is graded on a different curve. I haven't taken World Population yet (I'm planning to take it tomorrow) but I can tell you that I scored an overall 85% on Human Resource Management, and that only earned me a B, but my overall 73% on Statistics got me an A. The rest of the ECEs I've taken so far seem to follow something of a pattern -- my 78% in Labor Relations got me a B, and the others were As with scores above 80%. I'll let you know how World Population goes after I take it tomorrow.

I am taking Research Methods in Psych. tomorrow and it is a paper test, so they do still offer them. Does anyone know the turn around on grading for the paper tests? Thanks.

[SIZE="1"]AAS (Electronics), TESC-Done
BA Psychology, TESC-Done & waiting
Tests- Eng. Comp. w/ Essay-51, Principles of Mgmt.-59, Intro. to Soc.-62, US History I-66, US History II-61, Intro. to Psych.-68, Biology-55, A&I Lit.-62, Ed. Psych.-63, Soc. Sci. and History-63, Human Growth & Development-65, American Gov't-64, Tech. Writing-63, HTYH-64, Drug & Alc. Abuse-58, Org. Behavior-67, Prin. of Statistics-62, Intro. World Religion-68, Intro to Computing-403, Ethics-439. Research Methods in Psych.-A, Psych. of Personality TECEP-73, Abnormal Psych TECEP-74, Industrial Psych-71
Well, I got my results and I managed a C!! I honestly thought I didn't do that well! It took me 3 weeks to get my results, but that is using snail mail from Iraq to NY.

Here is the technical handbook which describes their grading. It is under the exams section on the right side of the page towards the bottom.

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