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How do you explain your degree at a job interview when asked?
(02-12-2020, 03:00 PM)allvia Wrote:
(02-12-2020, 01:34 PM)BrighterFuture88 Wrote: I appreciate the feedback.  Just curious in the event where (even after hiring) were the topic ever to come up, what’s the best way to explain the degree?  The way I would explain it is that I constantly did work in between calls at my job that allowed me to focus hard on my work, but according to some that I have mentioned that to, they were more concerned with whether or not I learned anything in that amount of time (I definitely did), but always wondered how to deliver an explanation to somebody as to the benefit of what we do.  Regardless, I appreciate everyone for taking the time to reply.

I would not recommend telling a potential employer that you were working on your school work during working hours - even if there was downtime in work day (and even if you had permission of that previous employer to do so) - it's a red flag that you do things that are not work related during work hours.  How'd you manage earning a degree while working (full time) - that is you giving up your non-working personal time for a period in which you committed to being a dedicated student.  How long that time period was is really not important.

Also, if you're over the age of 22 why would the subject of earning a degree time-frame even come up? If you're comfortable putting the year you graduated on your resume (that is a personal choice, with pros and cons based each persons situation) the most a company should ask is for proof of graduation, not information on when you started - especially since an employer can't ask about an applicant's age (and asking for such time-frames could be construed as fishing for information that could be used to estimate that).

The only justified question asking you to "explain your degree" would be why you chose to get a degree in the area that you did (BSBA vs BACS vs BALS etc).

Sounds good.
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I don’t list dates for my education on my resume or on LinkedIn. You’re under no obligation to do so. Most managers are just looking to see that you have one and what was the major. I’d recommend doing the same if your degree took you less than a year, unless you want to highlight that you got the degree recently as part of telling a career change story with your resume.

Employers don’t ask for transcripts in my experience. They’ll get the years you attended if they do a background check, but they are just checking that you actually got the degree — and in most states this will only happen after you’ve already been offered the job.

Don’t sweat this basically. It doesn’t need to be a conversation if you don’t want it to be one.
if they ask how you were able to complete your degree in less than 4 years just tell them you're a freaking genius
For starters, I don't list the date of graduation, and don't bring it up if I'm not asked. I was asked once by an interviewer when I got my degree. I simply told them that even though I've been a successful engineer, I felt the lack of a degree occasionally, and online education finally created the opportunity for me to finish the degree I started long ago.

If someone is truly interested, I'm happy to explain details, but prospective employers mostly don't care, and if they ARE nitpicky, then it's probably not going to be the right fit.
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BrighterFuture88, I highly doubt you would be asked to explain how you got your degree. They may do so casually as small talk at the work place, you can give them a basic rundown on why you chose TESU and the degree, there is no need to go in great detail with that. Don't sweat it, you're not going to lose out on the job just because of your degree - it's from a State B&M University.

BTW, I just looked at your signature. For example, if you finished your TESU degree in 2020 and finished your Masters in 2020 or the beginning of 2021, they may just ask how you did it so quickly. Other than that, you can inform them truthfully that the degree was competency based or whatever the case may be. Honesty is the best policy as always!
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Like others have said. It's more of checking off a requirement box. In healthcare in more of a networking, who you know and what have you done lately vibe.
I have experienced filling out online application forms in which it asks for start date and finish date of the college. That could potentially signal something unusual. I never got a call from a job where that was the case and knew some folks at the organization. I'm not sure if it was a factor and may never know.

It didn't come up in my job interview for my current position. They were much more concerned with my work experience. 

A friend whose entire job it is to recruit told me that 75% of the job interview process is culture/personality fit. They ask themselves "would you want to share an office with this person for the next 2-12 years?" Some people are otherwise qualified candidates but have TOO many ideas and TOO much enthusiasm. If you've got a lot of energy, people might find it exhausting and pass.

Maybe if the nature of the degree comes up, use that as a great opportunity to tell a story that lets them get to know you as a person.
I just tell them I enrolled to finish my degree and was able to transfer in credits from previous courses I'd taken. You don't need to tell them where you took courses, whether it's online at a community college, or anything else. They really don't even need to know how long it took you. Just put the year you graduated. You have a degree from a regionally accredited university.
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