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Interdisciplinary from Liberty University
Hi everyone this is my first post ever in Degree Forum.  I hope this is enough information and my apologies if posted on wrong thread. 

Your Location: Alexandria, VA

Your Age: 55
What kind of degree do you want?: Interdisciplinary from Liberty University 90 credits already applied.
Current Regional Accredited Credits: Total Credit Hours: 49
Current ACE, CLEP, or NCCRS Credits: 110 (56 from military)
Any certifications or military experience? Yes military
Budget: not an issue...Liberty University has given me the military discount and the first responder scholarship which makes my tuition $187.50 per credit hour
Commitments: Full time job and family
Dedicated time to study: I can make the time. I would say 2-3 hours day and all Saturday and Sunday  
Timeline: Finishing ASAP
Tuition assistance/reimbursement: None: self financed
Schools Attended : Too many to list

I applied to the BOG program on March 3rd 2024. Transcripts from all schools and military ordered the same day. All transcripts were downloaded/viewed March 4th. All transcripts transcribed into ROAR on Monday April 8th. Lisa sent email to let me know transcript have been loaded into ROAR. I sent a "thank you" email to Lisa and Nancy. I made the remark that I hope there is a degree in all those credits somewhere.  Nancy replied that "there sure is and I've approved your August 2nd 2024 graduation application. Looking at my degreeworks app, it's stating that I'm lacking 9 credit hours in Gen science, IT, and science. With that said..I completed the IT course on Sophia, as well as Microeconomics, and Human Biology. All of them transferred in as electivesbut did not cover the Gen ed. 

Should I be worried about actual graduation? 
If application for graduation is approved, does that mean I will graduate? 
Why would the 9 sophia credits be applied as electives and not to the Gen Ed section?

 I guess I just want all the ducks to line up properly. Is there anything I should be worried about?

Thanks in advance for your replies and advice. 
Pierpoint does adjustments manually so you’re good if you have their approval. Degreeworks can be safely ignored. Congrats.
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Yeah, Pierpont should be easy and simple, you've completed the requirements and just need to apply for graduation. I would also recommend skipping everything else, you can try taking all your credits from the and combo to max your 90 credits towards LibertyU...

Wait, you already have enough applied to the Liberty U, so skip the combo I just mentioned... In other words, your Pierpont BOG AAS should be done and your application is good to go at Liberty U, and you've got the remaining credits left to do at Liberty! I guess that's a quick run down...
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I am graduating from Pierpont in May with the BOG AAS. I also had the same concerns, where things were being marked as electives instead of the required gen eds. Nancy gave me the answer and I quote, "Don't use DegreeWorks; it's not set up for this adult degree completion program." As long as Nancy gave/gives you the go-ahead on your degree audit, you will graduate. You may have to ask her what emphasis, if any, will show on your diploma.

My only other advice is to make sure to pay your graduation fee ASAP, as their business office starts blowing your email and phone up if you put that off.

Congrats friend. Keep working on the next step and you'll carry your momentum forward!
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