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Job Interview, Resume and Cover Letter Tips
Any good job interview, resume and cover letter tips? I'm not talking generic obvious stuff (dress professionally for an interview, don't use comic sans on resume, show up on time, etc.) I want to know things that aren't so obvious.

Anyone who has worked in HR or knows a lot got any tips and tricks for job interviews and/or resumes and/or cover letters? 

Or bad stuff that everyone does that should be avoided?

Again I'm not looking for the basics, I'm looking for advanced stuff here, things most people might not think of.

Is anyone willing to share any top secrets?
I've done and still do all of these things, but I'm paralyzed by not knowing what would be considered "basic" since that would be different to different people. If you have any specific situational questions though, I'd be happy to try to answer if you like.

Senior college admissions counselor in Beijing with research interest in higher ed college access. Reverts to PADI Divemaster when near a coast.

BS Anthropology | Tulane University '08 (3.90, summa cum laude
MS Early Childhood Studies: Administration, Management, & Leadership | Walden University '19 (3.90)
Certificate College Access Counseling | Rice University '19
Certificate Teachers College College Advising Program | Columbia University '19
Other TOEFL/IELTS Trainer; Alumni/Company Interviewer; National Resume Writers' Association (completed coursework!)
Goals: A) 2nd MS in Higher Ed; B) 51/195 Countries; C) Find good hamburger in Beijing (accomplished June '19!)

Sure! I break it down by first looking at my own goals. What is an ideal job for you?

For example, if my goal is to work remotely for a new startup and wear many hats and advance quickly, then my cover letter will be completely and entirely different than if I applied to an office job, butt in seat, with a large corporation.

So, I'd start with examining your own goals and work from there to do the needed research (such as, finding companies that you want to work for, job descriptions you think you'd like to do a job, etc), then you can mirror your online personal branding along with your approach to the job (if needed), which is the 2nd step.

Once you figure that part out, then you'd be able to move onto the last step, which is styling your cover letter and getting more granular. 

I have tons of tips, but they only apply to what my niche is, which is working remotely for small tech companies. So I can't really help you if that's not your end goal!


TESU for BA in Psychology + ASNSM in Computer Science
Working on - TECEP Abnormal Psych (April term), for Eng Comp II
Next up - Coopersmith/SDC for rest of AOS courses
Grad goal - slow-paced, ~2021
Completed - 
28 cr from B&M CC
The Institute: Ethics,
TEEX: AWR173 Psy 104, His 108, Edu 104, Edu 103, Pol Sci 102, Comm 120, Comp Sci 102 + 103 Intro to Stats/Psych/Sociology, Envir Science, Conflict Res, Hum Biology, Visual Comm, US History I + II, Intro to IT, An.Gr.Philosopher
I'm actually asking because I need to know more about this subject for various reasons too long to explain. I just need to know about this subject in a general sense.

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