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Missing final and course?
Hello I already have an email in, but is anyone having an issue with their instantcert account? I took the Entrepreneurship course final on Sunday. I passed the course and signed up for Principals of Marketing. Last night I kept getting error when logging into my account, figured it was done. I just tried logging in and my final score for Entrepreneurship is missing, and the Principals of Marketing course is gone as well. Kind of panicking!
Try not to panic. They're pretty responsive and glitches tend to get smoothed out pretty quickly.
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If you have contacted support or sent in an email, the only thing you can do is wait. Just curious what the error you were getting for this issue, is it just booting you out? Have you tried in another browser? How about in a different mode, such as Inprivate or Incognito? Hopefully they clear this and have it up and running if it's something on their end.
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