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Newbie - TESU BA CS and ALEKS question
I'm extremely new having just found this excellent resource a few days ago and I'm trying to figure out a plan for myself. I'm interested in completing the TESU BA CS but I don't have my transcripts yet from a CC I attended around 2001 so it's hard to know for sure what I'll receive credit for and what I should try to tackle first. I'm working on getting the transcript but in the mean time I had a few questions.

  1. Back in CC I did take quite a lot of computer classes ranging from C++ to Graphic design. I think I read somewhere that these credits wouldn't transfer if they're over five years old. Is that accurate info?
  2. I think I may have taken calculus in CC but would the ALEKS ACE courses be applicable to the TESU BACS requirements? I read about the ALEKS ACE expiration and would tackle those first if they apply.
  3. Any tips for getting off on the right track?

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