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Passing NUC495 and other upper level classes without taking 100/200 level classes
How challenging have people found the upper level courses after getting credit for experience/CLEPS? I went through the nuke pipeline ages ago, so I plan to to retake pre-calculous before taking calc I & II. Considering redoing chemistry as well.

TESU wants 40 credits more for the NEET BSET degree, but I'm unsure if I can jump into the Capstone class without taking any NUC classes at TESU(they waived all of them) and pass it. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Excelsior is doing my assessment right now for the Combined BS Nuclear Tech/MBA program, but I expect massive amounts to be waived again. While I can CLEP lower level courses, who has experience CLEPing pre-req's? Did it make the upper level classes impossible?

Last question is for someone unemployed/no kids or other obligations, how many 8 week classes at a time would you take as a max? It seems Excelsior suggests no more than three 8 week courses at a time, is that what most people feel?

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