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Practice exams ??? - Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
Can't seem to find any practice exams.

I've heard it's easy but I want to confirm before I spend the 90 dollars because I need to pass before fall semester to graduate.

On it says they have a practice exam here - Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP Study Guide -, but when I click on the link it doesn't show up.

Am I just not finding it or did free-clep-prep remove it?

Are there any other practice exams that are helpful that I can use?

Also, here's my current study plan - want to study and prepare in 3 days or less.

Quizlet for literary devices - CLEP - Analyzing and Interpreting Literature Flashcards | Quizlet
ModernState - quizzes only for voucher
Practice test to confirm I'm ready

What do you guys think? Is this enough?

Thank you!!
Have you done the ModernStates course? That would give you the CLEP exam for free.
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I'm not sure how up to date that site is maintained over the years.

After you do the one on Modern States that rachel suggested...

1. check local library. They might have printed books for Clep prep in reference. AND/OR access to the Peterson's brand of test prep materials which might include CLEP. In my area, that is available to library card holders and is accessed online. The Peterson's practice exams are probably available for online paying too. But check library first.

2. if you want to spend about $13, check the store at REA for online practice exams. You get at least 2 practices that way.
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For that particular exam, you don't need to study. Just do the MS course.
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if you're able to comprehend the answers people gave you on this forum then you are prepared for the exam

each question is just reading 3 - 5 short paragraphs and answering a few multiple choice questions about what you read

an example would be :
Question 1
read Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

What the phrase "we cannot consecrate" mean in paragraph 3 ?
A: blah
B: blah blah
C: blah blah blah
D: all of the above

When I took the exam I found it fastest to read the question first and then search for the answer in the text.
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In case you didn't know about modernstates (that was mentioned a few times), go here to learn how to get a voucher for the CLEP exam
TESU: BALS June 2021 (comm college, clep, sdc sophia coopersmith, SOS110, and capstone)


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