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Problems getting WGU to accept Credly/ACE transcripts?
(06-29-2022, 07:49 AM)raekwon Wrote:
(06-27-2022, 05:17 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote: There's not much you can do, basically I suggest contacting ALEKS by email support and having them send the information to WGU and any other institutions you need the required details.  I would suggest doing this for all providers since WGU won't take it from ACE/Credly directly.

Yeah, I actually did exactly that and ALEKS told me that "unfortunately," the only way they can possibly send transcripts right now is through Credly. I'm going to see what my EC says when they return from vacation, as I've seen other reports elsewhere that sometimes WGU will accept Credly transcripts.

Failing that... then I've got a new plan--get the BoG AAS from Pierpont (who definitely accepts Credly transcripts) and then transfer the degree over to WGU to take care of all of my gen ed requirements. It would delay my WGU start by a few months, but I'm more than okay with that. Would rather do that than take a course once from ALEKS or InstantCert just to find out that I have to take it again from Sophia or SDC.

Just an update: after some emails back and forth, my EC informed me that WGU should be accepting ACE transcripts via Credly. (Their exact wording was "I did hear that we can work with credly now.")

I'm going to finish this College Algebra course from ALEKS and re-send my ACE transcript to WGU to see what they do with it. (I'll note that the first time I tried to send, I selected "Sophia" instead of "American Council on Education" so that could play into why they rejected my transcript... but they should be smart enough to figure that out.)
WGU BS, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (starting February 2023)
Pierpont AAS, Board of Governors: Information Systems emphasis (graduating December 2022)

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