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Propero to TESU
Has anyone taken Criminal Justice courses through Propero and transferred them to TESU? Is anyone aware of what they might transfer as? Thanks
(08-31-2019, 04:06 PM)KUJO Wrote: Has anyone taken Criminal Justice courses through Propero and transferred them to TESU? Is anyone aware of what they might transfer as? Thanks

That's not a very popular provider mainly because they are pretty expensive (I think) and members here who have posted about their experience haven't had very good things to say about them. That said, they DO have a lot of CJ courses (but so does Penn Foster assuming you choose from their list of ACE evaluated ones).

To get a nice transfer list, you need people taking and transferring in a lot of classes, I just don't think Propero gets the traction here to generate the kind of help you're asking for.
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There are very few that aren't offered elsewhere;, DSST, Straighterline, Penn Foster, and probably the favorite, CSU-Global, which have the added benefits of being from an RA school, are mostly UL, and are cheaper than Propero. I've heard they have good study materials as well.
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