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Psychology classes syllabus for Excelsior? OR any of the big 3?
I am well again and ready to start studying to test out!!!

I am getting my Bachelors in psychology from Excelsior (if not advised to an easier college). 

Unless someone has a better way, before I enrolling as a student there, I want to be able to test out of classes immediately within the first semesters after enrollment.(How would one do that anyway? With just things like CLEPS and such? Or would I challenge a classes?) So, I am waiting on becoming a student until I have learned what I needed to for testing out and earring those like credits.

 With that said, where can I find a syllabus on what is required on final exam for ALL psychology classes and required classes at Excelsior. I will be learning at my own pace and once I “finished all my classes”, I will then enroll as a student at that college and test out of most of my requirements for those classes, to finish up the remaining classes I need as a Excelsior student cornerstone and capstone. I just first need to know what’s on the tests. Do I need to have an advisor tell me what classes I’ll need for graduation first? Can they do that without me being enrolled first? Do they charge? Can they give me a syllabus for those classes or will I need to search for it. Thanks! 

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