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Purdue Global Assessment of Skills and Knowledge
I was just about to send the Purdue Global transcript from the free class that I took this summer and I came across Purdue's version of Strayer's challenge assessments.  They are called Assessments of Skills and Knowledge.  They cost $100 each.

Here is the list of assessments:

[/url]AB 104X: Personal Financial Management
AB 116X: Accounting II
AB 140X: Introduction to Management
AC 114X: Accounting I
CE 100X: Preparing for a Career in Early Childhood Development
CJ 100X: Preparing for a Career in Public Safety
CJ 101X: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
CJ 150X: Juvenile Delinquency
CJ 526X: Academic and Professional Communications in Public Safety
CM 107X: College Composition I
CM 206X: Interpersonal Communications
CM 214X: Public Speaking for the Professional
CM 220X: College Composition II
CS 113X: Academic Strategies for the Business Professional
CS 204X: Professionalism - Theory and Practice in the Global Workplace
GB 512X: Business Communications
GB 513X: Business Analytics
HS 100X: Introduction to Health Science
HS 101X: Medical Law and Bioethics
HS 111X: Medical Terminology
HS 140X: Pharmacology
HS 200X: Diseases of the Human Body
HS 230X: Health Care Administration
HS 410X: Organization and Management for Health Care
HS 415X: Environmental Health
IT 117X: Introduction to Web Design
IT 133X: Microsoft Office Applications on Demand
IT 153X: Spreadsheet Applications
IT 163X: Database Management
IT 190X: Foundations in Information Technology
IT 213X:  Software Development Concepts
IT 234X: Database Foundations
IT 273X:  Network Concepts
IT 275X: Linux System Administration
IT 283X:  Networking with TCP/IP
IT 286X: Introduction to Network Security
IT 388X: Routing and Switching I
IT 503X: Principles of Information Technology
IT 504X: Managing Information Technology in a Business Environment
IT 530X: Computer Networks
IT 537X: Introduction to Cybersecurity
LS 100X: Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession
MM 150X: Survey of Mathematics
MM 207X: Statistics
MM 212X: College Algebra
MT 140X: Introduction to Management
PS 124X: Introduction to Psychology
SC 121X: Anatomy and Physiology I
SC 131X: Anatomy and Physiology II


Note: Sorry for the weird format.

So it would be interesting to explore this some more. My first question is whether this resets a student's enrollment at Purdue. Could a person just keep taking these exams rather than taking actual courses? Could these make up an entire degree, creating a de facto competency-based pathway?

Note: I also see seven 500 level assessments. If these turned into 3 graduate credit hours each at Purdue Global for $700, that would be a pretty good deal.
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University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, 2018, Grad. Cert.: Economics Ed.; 18 Grad. Credits - Economics
Harvard University Extension, 2019, Poetry in America Series; 20 Grad. Credits - English
Don't you have to be an active Purdue student to be able to access these exams? That is, taking at least one Purdue class?
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A couple of things to note:
1) you need an 80% on each section of the exams, and an 80% overall to pass. That's pretty rough.
2) many of the exams give you writing assignments, and you have 28 days to turn each one in.
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