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Question concerning ALEKS, Instantcert
My daughter is home schooled and I'm looking for way for her to gain collage credit.
I have been reading this forum and looking at some of the web-sites but I can't seem to find the one answer that I need.
I'm on a satellite, I only get 10gb per month for computer, does ALEKS , ,InstantCert and any other sites I may need use videos or anything that would use up my gb.
I'm not an expert in this, so I can just answer the questions about videos. ALEKS, IC, Straighterline are not video-based. is.

Just a quick caveat, ALEKS's ACE-recommendation is expiring on 11/30/16, and we don't know when/if it will be renewed, so I would probably not start that unless she can finish a course before the 30th. But don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to get college credit for math (Saylor, Straighterline, Shmoop, CLEP, etc.).
TESU BSBA/HR 2018 - WVNCC BOG AAS 2017 - GGU Cert in Mgmt 2000
EXAMS: TECEP Tech Wrtg, Comp II, LA Math, PR, Computers  DSST Computers, Pers Fin  CLEP Mgmt, Mktg
COURSES: TESU Capstone Pers Fin, Microecon, Stats  Ed4Credit Acct 2  PF Fin Mgmt  ALEKS Int & Coll Alg  Sophia Proj Mgmt The Institutes - Ins Ethics  Kaplan PLA
With, video is optional. Not every lesson has video (though most do), but all the video does is "illustrate" word for word the transcript of the lesson right below the video.

Aside from watching 2 or 3 vids (before I caught on that they were verbatim following the printed lessons), I completed both of my classes with just the printed lessons and the included flashcards. Smile
Community College: College Success Skills | Gen. Psychology | Span 1 | Eng. 101 | Accounting 1 | Accounting 2 | Comp Skills Scholarship: Per. Finance | Prin. of Marketing | Digi. Mark. & Advertising | HR Manage. | Prin. of Finance

The Institutes: Ethics

Sophia: Proj. Management

Straighterline:​ Survey of World History | Principles of Management | MacroEco. | MicroEco. | American Gov | US History 1 | US History 2 | Western Civ 1 | Western Civ 2 | Business Law | Intro to Religion | Cultural Anthropology | Intro to Environ. Science | Intro to Soc

ALEKS: Inter. Algebra | College Algebra | Intro to Stats

TEEX: Cyber 101 | Cyber 201 | Cyber 301

NFA: Fire Service Supervision: Self Study

Certified: Six Sigma Yellow Belt [8 PDU]
All I have is my phone for a hot spot, and I'm doing college totally online. I am running around 6-8 Gigs with the research and other stuff (I've gone through Aleks, Straighterline, the institutes, Kaplan, and uh, somewhere else I forget.

It adds up. (shrugs)
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Thomas Edison State University 2018
Cert in Emergency Management -
Three Rivers CC 2017
Cert in Basic Police Ed - Walters State CC 1996

Current Goal: new job
Working on: securing funding I don't have to pay back for a Masters.
Up Next: Toying with Masters Programs
Finished: First Degree

Older Experience with: PLA / Portfolios, RPNow, Proctor U, ACE, NCCRS, DAVAR Academy (formerly Tor), Straighterline, TESU, Ed4Credit,, The Institutes, Kaplan, ALEKS, FEMA IS, NFA IS, brick & mortar community colleges, LOTS of vocational schools...

My list of academic courses:

Thanks everyone!

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