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Replacing LL with UL duplicate course question (COSC)
I'm enrolling in COSC and working toward their BSBA...  I found out about Davar Academy, which offers NCCS Upper Level 4 hours credit in Principles of Marketing. I already have Principles of Marketing through Shmoop at lower level. I'm interested in taking the Davar exam because 4 hrs of UL credit > 3 hrs LL credit for the same subject.

Does anyone have experience with directing their college to swap out one duplicate course for another? Is it easy to convince them to do that?
Are you sure you'd have to swap them out, rather than being able to use them both?
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(07-02-2018, 12:46 PM)dfrecore Wrote: Are you sure you'd have to swap them out, rather than being able to use them both?

Pretty sure they'd just duplicate. I don't forsee being able to use them both.
(07-03-2018, 08:52 AM)elbebopkid Wrote:
(07-02-2018, 12:46 PM)dfrecore Wrote: Are you sure you'd have to swap them out, rather than being able to use them both?

Pretty sure they'd just duplicate. I don't forsee being able to use them both.

At most schools as long as two courses come in as two different course numbers, and aren't intended to duplicate, they will both be accepted. So you shouldn't have to swap one for another. Many of us look for overlapping courses like this on purpose as the UL course usually builds on the LL version so it speeds things up.

However, if COSC doesn't allow both for some reason, they should allow you to pick the UL version if that is your preference.
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From my experience, COSC allows you to curate your transfer credits and pick which you want on your transcripts and added to your degree plan. An exception might come up if one of those classes was taken at COSC, but in this case it should not be an issue. If they duplicate, you SHOULD be able to pick which one you want to keep.
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I had two exams with matching titles (HRM and Organizational Behavior) taken with dsst and uexcel. According to the cosc master exam list the two dsst exams should have come in as LL and the two uexcels as UL. However cosc removed the the two dsst exams from my transcript once I took the uexcels claiming the courses were duplicates regardless of the master list designation.
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Scroll down and look at the COSC equivalencies for the DAVAR courses:

While that course you mentioned is reviewed for 4 UL credits by NCCRS, the course equivalency for COSC is LL. However, there is a marketing course that you could take (MAR-330 Principles of Sales) from DAVAR that would give you Upper Level credit as a Business Elective at COSC.
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