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SAT Changes
They're dropping the essay and the subject tests
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That's ok... I don't think SAT subject test is very popular anyways. There are many ways you can get credits in different subject.
I took SAT IIs (Subject tests) in math and ... something else, maybe physics, when I was applying to engineering schools, about 20 years ago. I didn't expect them to give me credit, but they were considered 'necessary' as part of your application package for the higher-tier schools. I can't say I'm mad at them going away, I saw them as a necessary evil, and the AP tests are probably a better gauge of subject knowledge, even if there's still disproportionate access to them.
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(01-20-2021, 08:36 AM)Alpha Wrote: They're dropping the essay and the subject tests

The good part of the Subject tests was that they offered a few things that AP didn't (lower-level math for instance).  They are mostly for International Students who might not have the opportunity to take AP courses/exams.

Most schools I've looked at don't require them, or don't even mention them.
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I can honestly say my writing ability in high school did not reflect my home life and what was going on in my life which had a profound effect on my academic lack of success the first time I enrolled in college straight out of high school. Writing skills are only part of the college journey. There's far more involved especially the support or lack of support from one's family. It's always funny when this big wig wealthy white guys like to tell me what would have shown my ability to be a successful college student. I could write like Shakespeare and no one would have known I was homeless and living in my car at 18 years old and that wasn't the first time or the second time I was homeless growing up. But yes an essay would shown my abilities. Eye roll.

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Yes agree. Life you have definitely is cornerstone of academic success. You can learn writing if you put effort in it. Its hard to do if your daily life is full of challenges for simple survival........

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