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SOPHIA Learning
How many forum members would like to see SOPHIA Learning develop and provide the following additional courses?

Life Span or Developmental Psychology
Managerial Accounting
Business Law 1
Political Science - American Government

Chime in, especially those from SOPHIA that often visit this forum.

Thank you
I would like any UL credit course
BSBA: 25% completed (30 credits of 120)
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Nutrition and meteorology would be amazing.

It's not on your list, but I would also love to see some anthropology and/or ethnobiology, or even historical ecology. The Sophia learning environment has, for me, been the best way to get information into my brain, so to be honest, I will probably take any interesting course they offer.
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I would love if they offered:
American Government
African-American History

I wish they had UL courses as well. I would pay for those.
B.S. of Liberal Arts from Excelsior College (Fall 2020)
93 credits completed as of June 2020 (31 credits from 4-yr. college, 46 credits from Sophia, 10 credits from TEEX & 6 credits from CLEP)
In progress: English Comp II (Sophia); Cornerstone (Excelsior); SOC 330 World Population (UEXCEL)
Future plans: T14 Law School or MBA program

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(06-24-2020, 09:52 AM)cecilgambe7 Wrote: I would like any UL credit course

I 100% support this!
"Step forward into your life as you did when you were a child, when you believed anything was possible."
- Vince Gowmon

TESU BALS...shooting for December 2020 graduation

Pending Completion by 7/31/2020:
Coopersmith (3 credits): Foundations of Stress Management (TESU SOS-320)
CSM Learn (3 credits)
Sophia (17 credits): Psych, Sociology, Ancient Greek, Visual Comm, Project Mgmt, Essentials of Conflict, Developing Effective Teams
Straighterline (15 Credits): Cultural Anthropology, Intro to Criminal Justice, Business Stats, Western Civ I, American Gov't
CLEP (15 credits): A&I Literature, College Composition, Principles of Marketing             
DSST (18 credits): Here's to Your Health, Substance Abuse, Intro to World Religions, Environment & Humanity, Business Ethics & Society, HR Management
WGU (36 credits)
FEMA (38 credits)
NA credits (140 qtr hrs)
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American government & some psychology electives would be nice. Upper level courses are what we need most but I also think an intro to cinema & intro to music would be amazing to see - I’ve never seen those 2 anywhere in the CBE ecosystem.
BA, Business Administration, New England College, 2019 
AA, General Studies, Ashworth College, 2017 - Intro to Accounting/Fin - UL - Finance & Intl Bus - Effective Teams/ Managing Conflict
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It would be amazing if they include Com Sci courses. I am sure there is demand for it
I've had a few criticisms of Sophia since I started their courses, but it's been an overall positive experience and I do wish that they had even more offerings. Intro to computers/programming would be nice, since the only place to go for that right now is SDC; it's nice to have options.
The main one they are missing is:
American Government.

For science:
Course Experience:,,,,,, Instantcertcredit, and

Degree Plan:
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance
Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science

102 credits earned with expected graduation in 2020. 
Because our host Instantcert ICC offers American Government and and Managerial Accounting for credit, I would not suggest them for Sophia. Instead, Introduction to Comparative Politics by Sophia would be appreciated. 

I would also like Sophia AND/OR Instantcert to add: Meteorology, Nutrition, Cultural Geography, Physical Geography, Anthropology to round out the Social Sciences, and Developmental or Lifespan Psychology. 

DSSTs that are impossible for me to take right now: Organizational Behavior, Intro to Criminal Justice, Human Resources Management.

I have a teen who has already started flight lessons who wants to be a pilot. Meteorology and geography are useful courses to get college level study earlier in training for a pilot.
Since 12/5/19:
CLEP: Intro Sociology - 62, Diversity
DSST: 1/6/20 Ethics in America - 440, Ethics
1/8/20 Intro World Religions - 470
Sophia: Intro to Statistics - 95%, 
InstantCert Credit: American Government, Civics 84% on final exam, overall 91 4/14/2020
Coopersmith:   Drugs and Society 87%, Jewish Rabbinic Counseling 93%, History and Systems of Psychology 74%, Physiological Psychology
TESU: SOS-110-OL NOV2019 3 cr. A-99, APS-100-OL MAR2020 1 cr A-97, PSY-331-EP APR2020 3 cr 87
TECEPs: PSY-270 2/3/20 92%,  SOC-210 2/10/20 88%, PSY-350 2/17/20 75%


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