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Slayed by Python:
Nice, Jonesy20, thank you for the tip, I might take it down!

Only thing is I think Excelsior uexcel award a grade?
NAU Master of Computer Information Technology, Expected 2020, 0/30.
TESU BACS, Expected 2020, 111/120.
UPenn MCIT (Accepted, see story here).
TESU BSBA, 2018.
TESU ASNSM in Computer Science, 2018.
I'll ask them as well.
BA Mathematics, TESU(102/120 In Progress..) (Unofficial)
BA Computer Science, TESU  (111/120 In Progress..)
BA Liberal Studies, TESU (120/120 Complete!)
ASNSM Computer Science '18, ASNSM Mathematics '19
AAS Criminal Justice '19 

Straighterline (27 Cr): Eng Com I II, Ameri Gov, Reli, Nutri, Envi Sci, Cul Ant, Med Ter, IT Fund, Calc II (IP)
Shmoop (18 Cr): Hist Tech, Hu Sex, Med Lit, Bible Lit, Prof Wrtng, E-Com
Sophia (11 Cr): Col Alg, Info Tech, Pub Speak, Effe Teams, Manag Con
TEEX (5 Cr): Cyb Ever, IT Prof, Info Risk Man  Aleks (9 Cr): Beg. Alg, Inter. Alg, Trig
ED4Credit (3 Cr): Man Info Sys   CPCU (2 Cr): Ethics
TESU (4 Cr): Corner, Capstone (33 Cr): Pres. Skills, C Prog, Disc Math, Comp Arch, Op Sys, DB Man, Sys Analy, Calc I, Forensic Sci, Geometry
B&M College (46 Cr)
(02-21-2019, 02:14 PM)posabsolute Wrote: Nice, Jonesy20, thank you for the tip, I might take it down!

Only thing is I think Excelsior uexcel award a grade?

Excelsior does. TESU would then issue CR so it wouldn't be part of the TESU GPA. Still, it would be on an Excelsior transcript when applying to grad schools.
Working on TESU BA CompSci + English? Graduate in 2020?
First Masters complete. Working on second Masters.
TESU BSBA (with ASNSM) in March 2018.

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