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Social Media
I enjoy social media- but, my social media is 'well-curated'.. lol
I only have around 100 'friends' on Facebook- mostly relatives and the handful of old coworkers I've kept in contact with. I am a lot more active on Goodreads- I have no IRL friends who read regularly, so if I want to talk about books I have to do it with imaginary internet friends. Again though, I keep that fairly limited, just 80 or so contacts.

I despise Linked-In. I still have it, but, it's largely pointless as I deleted most contacts on it..
Enrolled in WGU MAcc - Start Date 12/01/2019
B&M State College (90 credits 3.57 GPA)
Modern States CLEP  (27 credits) Analyzing and Interpreting Literature (64)  Introduction to Sociology (65) Information Systems (71) Principles of Management (68) Principles of Marketing (73) Principles of Macroeconomics (70) Principles of Microeconomics (53), Introduction to Business Law (60)
Sophia(2 credits)
Straighterline (9)American Government, Western Civilizations I, Introduction to Religion
WGU (71): Organizational Behavior, Spreadsheets, Global Business, Principles of Accounting, Accounting II, Managerial Accounting, Principles of Finance, Business Strategy.. graduated Oct/2019
WGU MAcc (12) 
121 credits earned Dec 23, 2018-Feb 24, 2020 Smile 

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