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Study.com - Quiz grading policy unclear and needs to be changed!
So although we have discussed the new quiz grading policy on other threads I wanted to start one specifically about how unclear the grading policy is. Other people have expressed frustration over the same thing on other threads so I'm hoping we can get study.com's attention if we all post on this thread about it.

The problem I have noticed and have seen other people write on here about is that we really have no idea what our quiz portion of our grade will be now. It's a guessing game and that's really frustrating. For example I'm currently working on their Microeconomics course. That course has 114 quizzes and so far I think I have gotten 100% on all of them in the first 3 tries except for about two which I only got 80% within the first three tries. The site shows absolutely nothing except for my very last score on my last attempt at the quiz. It does not show what my highest of 3 tries was so you kind of have to memorize it. I'm almost wondering if study.com even knows.
In addition to this how do those scores translate into the final grade? The syllabus says that you can get up to 50 points for the quizzes so how does each percentage on the 114 quizzes get divided up into those points?
Additionally what about all of the courses that have a few lessons that overlap? If I start a course in a month from now that has a couple quizzes of overlap that I had already taken 3 months ago then is their system really going to remember that I took those before this change and not count the previous attempts? I'm very skeptical.

I don't mean to be petty but I think we really need to be able to see what our final quiz score is before we take the final test. Study.com sprung this on us very suddenly and as other people mentioned they didn't have to make this change for the old courses. Someone on another thread mentioned that it should never be acceptable to change a syllabus halfway through a course which is kind of what they did. I know that I could just stop taking courses through study.com but I really like study.com for a lot of reasons and so I hope they will listen to us and at least make the scoring more clear. They seem to usually listen to their customers pretty well.

If you agree with any of this please comment so that they know how many of us feel the same way! If you don't agree and think I'm being petty then sorry for wasting your time!
Thanks everyone Smile
I agree. It would be nice if they would clarify this. I am hesitant to try Study.com due to these latest issues.

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I haven't used them, but this is something that would drive me bonkers! It would be a deal-breaker.

I used SL for a short time, and felt that it was VERY clear what my score was at all times.

I used Sophia for a course, and also felt that I knew where I stood every second. Their dashboard is awesome.

ALEKS' dashboard is not as user-friendly, but you still know where you stand.
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I agree. The course overlap thing is especially concerning. I recently took Intro to Marketing before any of these changes were mentioned and I have no idea how many times it took to get 100% on all the quizzes. I'm sure the overwelming majority took 3 or less attempts but I don't know for fact and there is no way to tell. Now, I am about to do the 309 Marketing course and I have 18% of the course already completed due to overlap. Are those 18% of quizzes affected or not? Will my grade suffer because I didn't follow the "new" guidelines which weren't guidelines back then?
And still no answer from study.com...
You posted it on a holiday weekend. Going to have to be a little more patient. They're generally pretty great about interacting here, even to criticism.
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jsd Wrote:You posted it on a holiday weekend. Going to have to be a little more patient. They're generally pretty great about interacting here, even to criticism.

That's true I hadn't thought about that
Ugh, I hit the wrong button on mobile. That "no" should be a "yes."
Thank you for the feedback on displaying the exam quiz score more clearly on the site. We apologize for not better communicating the grading change before implementing it, and we understand it can be frustrating to work through a class and not have a clear breakdown of your grade. (Especially if you have failed a few quizzes more than 3 times.)

To eliminate confusion for users who were in the middle of a course, we have given all quizzes attempted before 1/10 a 100% participation grade.

To answer what happens when there are overlapping lessons in 2 different courses: Quiz attempts are not "reset" when you take a new course that contains a lesson you've already completed in your studies. That means if you receive a 100% in your first completion of the lesson you will have that 100% when you take another course with that same lesson.

Anyone who has attempted a quiz before 1/10/2017 has it counted as 100% towards their final grade. So ndelcollo, you will receive a 100% participation grade on all quizzes you had in question regardless of how many times you took it.

To address the concerns you have expressed, we are currently working on a solution to display all of this information (quiz attempts, best quiz score, course breakdown) along with new features we are really excited such as placement tests.

In the meantime, we are happy to answer any questions specific to your situation. If you contact our support team we will be able to tell you your participation grade and the grade you will need on your final exam to pass. We will let you know when we add the front end to display your number of quiz attempts and best score!

-The Study.com Team
Study.com - Thanks for the feedback. So what if we attempted a quiz before 1/10/17 and got less than 100%? Say 40%. Will the system remember that we took it before and allow us to take it three additional times?

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