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Suggestions for Project/Deadline-Oriented Work
Still researching career options while I’m working on my MBA. 

What are some career fields or job titles to explore for someone who thrives on deadline-oriented work? I do SO well in deadline-driven environments where I can “check the box” and finish specific tasks as quickly and effectively as possible. 

For example, I love the WGU MBA environment and feel so motivated and energetic with the structure of the program. I finished all my papers except the capstone in less than 30 days and so far have passed every test, paper and project on the first attempt. I received perfect/top scores on all my graded papers and projects so far. My mentor is so impressed by my pace and focus in the program. 

I have always done especially well on time-pressured tests like the ACT. 

At home, in my businesses, and in my personal projects, I live by my to-do list and have no problem accomplishing whatever’s on it. 

However, I tend to struggle in work environments that involve routine tasks, where there are no deadlines and no “box” to check, just the same routine work over and over with no end point. These sorts of environments tend to leave me feeling unfulfilled and unmotivated. I struggle even more with schedule-oriented environments (which is why B&M college did not work out for me- I was failing courses due to attendance, even though all my test and project scores were excellent.) 

Any suggestions for fields or positions to look into that would incorporate my skills and preferences? Thanks  Heart
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I was going to suggest looking into Project Management, and noticed you just posted in that PM thread about this too!
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What about account management or new business development? Yes, those are both "sales" jobs, but when you are in these types of positions at a B2B level, not selling to consumers, they can be a great job.

*You like deadlines? You'll never see larger deadlines than in meeting your monthly/quarterly/yearly objectives.
*Get bored easily and always looking for a challenge? Customers are difficult to please, but I have found it to be a fun way to keep my brain occupied - always trying to find a solution to retain the customer or grow the business
*Satisfaction with knowing that your efforts are directly responsible for revenue.
*Let's be honest. The reason people go into sales is for the money. At the right company, you can go from a solid 40-60k wage to 6-figures in just a few years. Every job is stressful and sales can be considered VERY high stress at times, but having the money to lead a comfortable lifestyle can definitely offset stress in other areas of life.

*Avoid at all costs any employer that is vague about position description or company.
*DO NOT work for someone that won't pay you a decent and livable salary. Yes, commissions come, but many times, the client buying cycle is uneven. You need to feed your family on the months that you didn't get a commission check.
*Don't sell a product that you don't believe in. Sales is a legitimate profession. People need products and salesmen/women are needed to help. BUT you have to believe in your product. If you don't, it will make you miserable and unsuccessful.
*Evaluate your personality. Lots of account managers and new business development professionals are shy, but 100% of sales people will at one point need to manage their fear of public speaking. Don't worry about how you feel NOW, you will learn how to speak in front of a group. Just be willing to learn and take up Toastmasters or find another way to improve if you need to hone your public speaking.
*If you can't get into sales immediately with a good company, you can try your luck with a start-up, or you can start off as a customer service rep to work your way up. There are many other options of course, but these are two that I've seen commonly. Customer service to sales is a very smooth path, especially when you're at a company who promotes from within.

Overall, it might not be right for you, but I would not trade my career in sales for anything. I was making a decent living before I had my BS and higher education just helped me take it to the next level. I used what I knew domestically and took it international. Since then, I've traveled to 60 countries and done business all over the world. It's been amazing and never a dull moment!

Edit: One last comment. Account Managers usually work with existing clients and New Business Development Managers often have no existing clients and solely "hunt" business. Many companies have positions that involve some degree of both. However, if you're searching for a new job, if you use these two terms, you will likely avoid the B2C jobs out there. Don't type in "sales representative" unless you want a LARGE grab bag of jobs that will be 90% crap.
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I do ghostwriting, which basically feels like doing homework. I get an assignment and deadline and I do it. I also love it because of the flexibility. If you enjoy writing, it might be a good fit. It's best if you have industry-specific knowledge so that you can write for that industry. I mostly ghostwrite blog posts for financial advisors, because that is my ultimate career goal.
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