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TESU - BALS - Upper Level credits
Hey All,

I am almost done with my Bachelors in Liberal Studies. I have completed 89 credits out of 120.

I will attach my academic evaluation so you guys can see it. 

Basically I need to know where can I take the upper level classes, I checked Straighterline but they only have 2 or 3 classes that TESU will take as upper level credits

Any idea on where could I take those? I don't want to break the bank, I am trying to save as much as I can. 

Any advise? 

Thank you guys

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Most people tend to use, mentioned quite frequently on the forum.
TESU BALS: Awarded June 2019
TESU: LIB Capstone 3cr, Cornerstone 1cr 
Aleks: 3cr, Insurance Institute: 2cr NFA: 1cr 
Sophia: 2cr Straighterline: 48cr TEEX: 6cr 18cr B&M: 77cr
Most of my Upper Level came from Straighterline and Study.

I picked up a UL Communications course from Study.
Some of my UL from Straighterline were eventually downgraded, I believe. I got them on my Academic Eval before they downgraded. (Microbiology, Org. Behavior, Ethics PHI-384, etc)

Study really came through for me at the end. History of Holocaust, UL History of Vietnam War, etc.
Western Governor's University
MSCSIA - >90% complete in 28 weeks time(Finishing CAPSTONE, now)
Cybersecurity Scholarship Recipient (YAY!)
Thomas Edison State University
B.A.L.S 2019 
ASNSM - Computer Science - 2018 
Pierpont College
Board of Governor's AAS, AOE Information Systems - 2017


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