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TESU BALS w/Concentration questions
For a student interested in pursuing TESU BALS degree program with a concentrations, does anyone know if all of the UL requirements must be filled inside of the concentration? For example, the BALS Psychology Concentration list a mixture of LL/UL specific course requirements whereas the BALS NSM Concentration does not list any specific course requirements. 

In the BALS Psychology degree program for example, could the listed UL Abnormal Psychology course requirement be filled for example with either of the's LL abnormal psychology courses (TESU equivalents PSY-246/PSY-235) and then use another BALS UL course to meet the AOS 18 UL requirement or must the courses listed in the concentration be exact equivalencies LL/UL? 

And similar to the above question, does the BALS NSM Concentration require that the NSM Concentration courses all be UL, or could you fill those with LL NSM courses as long as you met the UL 18 credit requirement inside of your total Core/AOS?

Also, does anyone know if you can declare more than one concentration with a BALS (similar to the BSBA degree programs) or are you limited to just one concentration?

I'm just using these two concentrations as examples, but I"m curious in general with regards to any BALS concentration degree program at TESU.

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