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TESU BSBA Gen management to Excelsior Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology
So it looks like I will be completing my TESU BSBA General management degree this year and wanted to use some of my leftover military technical credits.
These are the 3 programs I am looking at currently:
Excelsior College | Bachelors Degrees | Technology Management – Electrical Technology
Excelsior College | Bachelors Degrees | Technology – Electronic Instrumentation Technologies
Excelsior College | Bachelors Degrees | Technology – Electromechanical Technologies | Online

I just wonder if anyone has had any issues going from one TESU bachelors to an excelsior bachelors.
One of the reason I don't want to do a technical bachelors with TESU is because of the physics + lab requirements.

Cost is really not an issue.
I know I will have to do the capstone course regardless of what I transfer in.
Really just looking at a more technical degree for resume fluff.
Going into TESU with about 230 credits, mix of lower and upper, I need to see how these convert over to Excelsior.
I have already checked and I know i have all gen ed requirements for Excelsior.

Let me know what ideas you guys might have.
Thank you.

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