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TESU BSBA HR Management/Organizational Management
Hello. I have a question about the HR Management/Organizational Management degree program. Initially I was going to do the BSBA General Management but my HR manager at work advised me against it. (I work in healthcare) So my current plan is to do HR Management/ Organizational Management and then take the Healthcare Management classes. I have my general education classes complete I’m just working on the UL credits. For UL I took Employment Law and Strategic Human Resources Management. I’m hoping to take Industrial Psychology if it’s UL. My question is that in the required subjects list it states I must take Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior and Organizational Theory or Organizational Development and Change. Do these classes need to be UL? I have taken Organizational Behavior LL.and I have 20 more modules on to complete Human Resources Management LL. Any help you guys can give is appreciated!!(Sorry about the layout..I’m typing on my iPad). 

Wait, hold up, are you going for HR/Organizational Management or are you going for Healthcare management?  Are you going for both AOS because the two BSBA AOS only differ by 18 credits.  

Basically, you need 12 UL AOS courses, 15 total as that will include the Capstone.  If you both AOS, you still need 12 UL for each AOS.  All other courses can be LL, it won't matter for any other course.

It does sound like you're going for one AOS, so I'm not sure why you're taking HRM and also taking HCM courses at the same time, anyways, you can read the links below in regards to the requirements.

HRM Link:
HCM Link:
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To put it simply for a BSBA the AOS not including the capstone is 18 credits or 6 courses. Out of these 12 credits or 4 courses must be UL. You choose which ones. At one time I was going for a BSBA HR at TESU so I have experience planning this.

Human Resources Management:
Strategic Human Resources Management UL OR LL Human Resoucres Managment

Organizational Behavior:
Your LL Organizational Behavior fits here!

Organizational Theory: (UL) I believe the only known source of alt credit.

Electives: Org Psych and Employment Law fit here.

So if you did them both (org psych and UL employment law) and with the UL from strategic HRM and of course Org theory which is only available as UL. Then org behavior and your remaining elective can be LL.

Or if you want to take the LL Human Resources Management, then strategic HRM would be an elective and it would work out the same just switched around.

For an AOS in healthcare management here the courses I think would count. I'd double-check with TESU on this one. If you want to do both none of the AOS can overlap, so you'd need 18 separate credits. These are all UL I'm not sure if there are any LL credits. I haven't done much research though.

If you haven't already apply to TESU and send in what you have done.

All Courses
Health 301: Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare (UL)
Health 302: Health Services Policy (UL)
Health 303: Healthcare Organization & Management (UL)
Health 305: Healthcare Finance & Budgeting (UL)
Health 307: Healthcare Delivery Systems (UL)
Health 308: Healthcare Quality & Outcome Measurement (UL)
Health 309: Healthcare Informatics(UL)
Health 310: Human Resource Management in Healthcare (UL)

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