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TESU Questions regarding FA and Graduation
I was hoping someone could answer some questions regarding TESU. I am almost done with my first semester and I have some questions about TESU related to a few different things. Not sure if anyone would know the answers to my questions. It's lengthy but I would really appreciate any help you guys could give me.


I was ~18 Credits away from finishing my B.S. in Biology with a math minor from Texas A&M here in San Antonio, but after my first baby came it became almost impossible for me to continue attending a physical school. I decided to enroll in TESU even though they required me to take 24 credits to graduate, and I would now just be getting a B.A. in Natural Science / Mathematics. I chose the comprehensive plan. I just wanted to get done as quickly as possible so I enrolled in 12 credit hours, its a lot but I'm doing good in all my classes. My plan was to take the other 12 in the November semester. There would be a three week over-lap but I figured I could handle it...

Well that's when I found out about this forum and learned how the FA disbursements occurred, and realized that if I did what I had planned I would be finished with all degree requirements by January, but I would be left with a $6,000 balance, since FA disbursements are structured through out a year. So I was forced to drop the 12 November credits luckily on time, and then enroll in only 6 for December and wait to take another 6 in March so that Financial aid can pay most of the balance.

We are on an extremely TIGHT BUDGET, and was relying on my FA Award for my books, supplies, and living expenses. I am having to borrow money from friends and family with the plan to pay them back with FA once my TESU balance is paid off which will be during my last March Term when I complete my graduation requirements. So I would never get any overage unless I also took classes in JUNE Term... I need to pay these people back... but I also want to finish..

So here is my question...

1. Can I apply to graduate after my March Term and still continue to take 2 elective courses in June to receive the FA money?

2. Or... Once i graduate am I out the rest of my FA award?

3. Could I just not apply for graduation and take classes in June to receive remaining FA award? (this is my last resort but I have people who were very gracious in helping me and I would like to pay them back)

Below is a list of how my semesters and FA disbursements will be

September 2016 Term
Taking 12 credits - 12 left to complete
Received first disbursement leaving me with a balance of ~$6,200

December 2016 Term
Planning to take 6 Credits - 6 left to complete
Will receive second disbursement leaving me a balance of ~$3,200

March 2017 Term
Planning to take final 6 credits which have me eligible to graduate
Will receive third disbursement leaving me a balance of ~$200

June 2017 Term
This is the semester in which I would receive final disbursement which would leave me overage to pay people back. But I would have completed my requirements in March 2017 Term.

Thank you for any help you guys can give.

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