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TESU graduate - Grad School on campus program?
DD graduated from TESU with BA in Communications 2019.  She wants to earn Masters degree ON campus.  She's undecided on specific program right now.  She's preparing to take GRE so she can add "number" to application.  The gpa on her transcript from TESU is 4.0, but she earned credits via aleks, SL etc.  So, she feels that's not really showing potential colleges the true gpa.  Looking for on campus master program that's open to non trad tesu experience.  Please share!  Thanks.
If it's the only GPA she has, that's what she has to list. The schools will not be confused by it. I'd concentrate on writing good essays and talking about her work experience.
NanoDegree: Intro to Self-Driving Cars (2019)
Coursera: Stanford Machine Learning (2019)
TESU: BA in Comp Sci (2016)
TECEP:Env Ethics (2015); TESU PLA:Software Eng, Computer Arch, C++, Advanced C++, Data Struct (2015); TESU Courses:Capstone, Database Mngmnt Sys, Op Sys, Artificial Intel, Discrete Math, Intro to Portfolio Dev, Intro PLA (2014-16); DSST:Anthro, Pers Fin, Astronomy (2014); CLEP:Intro to Soc (2014); to Computers (2014); CC: 69 units (1980-88)

PLA Tips Thread - TESU: What is in a Portfolio? - InstantCert Credit

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