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Trouble logging in to DSST site
I just tried logging in to the DSST website to order a transcript and I see they've upgraded their site.  I'm unable to log in and it's not recognizing my email address.  Putting it on my to do list to call them tomorrow but figured I'd ask here if anyone has recently been to the DSST site and experienced this?
When you click on Order Transcripts in DSST site it takes you to another organization. It says you need to register separately on that site. I tried to register then it said that email exists. Then I tried with the same DSST login and PW and it worked.
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Yeah, it didn't recognize my email address / password on the separate transcript order site. I had to create a new account on that site and then when I went to order transcript it doesn't show you the names of the tests completed / scores (you know, how it does with CLEP when ordering a transcript) so I felt like I was somewhat shooting in the dark, hoping that the account I created actually does link to the account where the tests were taken from. I'm thinking the SSN is what links them? I called the help line but the lady was curt on the phone. I went through and placed the order so I guess I'll wait and see if the receiving school posts the credit for those exams.

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