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UExcel Transcript Times

Does anyone know off the top of their head how long UExcel's take to show up on a Parchment Transcript. I can't seem to find a solid answer.
I vaguely remember it taking about 5-7 business. I say that because it was the last credit I needed for my associate's with TESU. I was only days away from the graduation deadline.

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I figured out Excelsior will hold your transcript if you have another UExcel pending. I had 3 UExcel's scheduled. I took 2 which is all I needed at the time and I planned on taking the third one later. So I requested my Parchment transcript and it got put on hold twice. ($20 for 6 RA credits is rough). I had to email Excelsior who told me they didn't send it because all 3 weren't taken yet. I requested they send it with only the 2 UExcels and they did.

Just some information for any future UExcel takers.
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I'm glad you figured it out. This information may need to be included on the Excelsior page.

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