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Update on StraighterLine/ACE credits at COSC
I know one of the draws of COSC is if you send them a transcript from one of their ACE partners directly (rather than from your ACE account) they used to transfer the actual letter grades over.

I received my transcript evaluation with quite a few partner credits, and they were evaluated on the P/F scale so they don’t apply to your GPA. I spoke with my admissions advisor (Moses) and he didn’t know either—he checked and apparently the change occurred sometime in 2019. One of my reasons for *taking* the partner courses was so I could raise my GPA, but thankfully I was able to get approved for credit forgiveness.

Also, for those who haven’t paid attention to the SL website....if you complete 4 SL courses before matriculation, COSC will give you a “scholarship” of 10% off your tuition and fees for the duration of your degree. Note you can still apply and be accepted to COSC, you just have to send in your transcripts from SL about 5-7 days before the next start date so that the bursar will have enough time to adjust your account.

Big Grin Big Grin  Have a great Monday everyone.
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