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Updated Easiest Exam Thread-Everybody List Exams Taken with a 60+ Score Using Only IC

Drug and Alcohol Abuse 60
Here's to Your Helath 64
Criminal Justice 60
Fundamentals of Counseling 63
Managemnt Information Systems 63
Principles of Management 70
Abnormal Psychology A
Adulthood and Aging A
Research Methods in Psychology A
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Management Information Systems
Info Systems & Computer Applications
Social Sciences & History
Big Grin Matymus Primehilarious
Waterloo, NY
Excelsior College
B.S. General Business, Class of 2008

Fall 2011 - currently pursuing Pre-Pharmacy
I think the easiest CLEP I took was Principles of Mangement (76), although American Government was pretty easy too (73). Both CLEP and DSST BLaw (66 and 65 respectively) were not hard, but required more studying outside of IC. DSST MIS was also fairly easy. I will say, unlike the Math and Stats tests that I took, the subject matter in each of those above is tailor made for multiple choice questions, making IC more useful.
American Public University
Bachelor's in Business Administration
Graduated: June 2007

Clep Exams Taken: Amer Gov (73), Principles of Mgt (76), College Mathematics (54): Business Law (66)
DSST Exam Taken: MIS (70); Business Law II (65); Stats (58)
Human Growth and Development 70.
Brad.Blanchard and Matymus - Did you guys score a 60+ on Social Science and History using IC?
Ok, for all of those looking for GPA boosters or exams that (60+) scores can be achieved using only IC here are the results of the thread thus far

Note: Any ECE exams are listed as A grades, versus the actual score received. Also, any score that was reported as 60+ without the actual score listed will be listed as such. Finally, any time a person has a lot of real world experience in a subject and has provided that info. it will also be included. Thanks to everybody that has participated so far and keep this thread going.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse 60,64,60+,64
Here's To Your Health 64, 64
Criminal Justice 60,65
Fundamentals of Counseling 63
MIS 63,60+,60+
Principles of Mangement 70,68,60+,68,60+,76
Human Growth and Development 62,63,70
Microeconomics 61
Macroeconomics 61
Educational Psychology 62,62
American History II 67,73(from a History Lover)
Info. Systems & Comp. Applications 68,60+
Intro. to Psychology 60+
Supervision 60+,70
Intro to Computing 60+,66
Marketing 60+,60+
Hummanities 59,66(from a Professional in the Arts)
Ethics in America 65,66
ECE Psychoilogy of Adulthood and Aging A,A
ECE Research Methods in Psychology A,A
ECE Abnormal Psychology A
American Government 73
Sociology 64
I passedHuman Growth & Development (63) using only IC.
I made a 64 on both DANTES HRM and Drug and Alcohol Abuse using only IC.
I scored an 80 in CLEP Principles of Management, that too using IC only! Big Grin
Research Methods in Psychology - received an 'A' using only IC. Previous experience in Psychology was an Intro to Psych class a year prior.
Pursuing B.S. in Liberal Studies through Excelsior
A.A.S. in Allied Health, Community College of the Air Force
A.A.S. in Criminal Justice, Community College of the Air Force

[SIZE="1"]Exams completed since August 2007:
Psychology of Adulthood and Aging (A)
Research Methods in Psychology (A)
Abnormal Psychology (B)
ECE Gerontology (B)
Drug & Alcohol Abuse (57 - A)
Here's to Your Health (58 - A)
Intro Sociology (71)

Awaiting scores:
ECE Ethics

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