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Using electives in BSBA to get most of a Psychology degree done
I am a coach/cheerleader for my friend's BSBA.  He has 3 General Electives and 1 Free Elective unfilled on his BSBA spreadsheet. 

I was looking at a sample psychology degree from TESU and it looks like he would only need 8 more courses in addition to his BSBA ones and he could obtain a degree in Psychology.  Is there any rule stopping him from filling those 4 elective spaces with psychology credits and then completing the remaining courses after he graduates from the BSBA and applying to get a BA in Psychology as well ?

Just looking for the easiest path to get this done.

Does TESU have a rule about a certain amount of original work in a degree ?  Would it be simpler to get the second bachelors from Charter Oak ?
"Students who have received one baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution and wish to earn a second baccalaureate degree must:

Complete a minimum of 24 credits. These credits must be in the area of study and/or core of the degree. These credits must be earned after the date the most recent degree, regardless of academic level, was conferred.
Additionally, students must complete all other degree requirements as listed in the current Thomas Edison State University Catalog."

From the TESU website

So since he would need 8 more psychology courses or ~24 credits, it would behoove him to complete them AFTER the first degree is awarded.
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Normally I'd agree with that advice, BUT since the TESU BA in Psych requires 39cr in the AOS, he's actually smart to take up to 15cr of Psych requirements in his BSBA. 3 of those credits will be in Stats (required for both degrees), so then he should take 12cr of LL Psych courses for his BSBA. Save the UL Psych courses for his Psych degree since he'll need 18cr of UL in the AOS (the capstone plus 5 courses).

I'd advise taking Intro to Psych, Developmental Psych, and 2 LL psych courses from (preferably ones where you can find the UL ones for cheap, thus making it easier to pass those courses/exams when the time comes).
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Just to clarify, there's no TESU reason to care whether they do the UL courses now or later. Although it does makes sense that LL courses would come first.
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