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What do i Do if an application asks for GPA with a degree from the Big 3?
Hello -

If an application asks my GPA, what would you recommend if credits were from one of the Big 3?  

Thank you.
Do you have GPA's from multiple schools? If so, I'd add everything up and get an average GPA. If you only have 117cr of ACE/NCCRS w/o grades, and a grade for your capstone, then obviously you have a GPA of whatever the capstone was.
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I would not even enter anything into the GPA field, if I did, I would enter a sentence to "please review all enclosed transcripts".
I would just send them all your transcripts and have them review and see the transcript GPA as proof and verification. If you did take all the credits through ACE/NCCRS or other testing methods, then it will reflect on the transcript what courses provided you with what GPA you will have. Offer
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if you take a class from one of the big 3, you have a GPA there. I have a GPA with TESU right now, etc

just tell them what it is. if its really bad, take another class from them and pull it up - 177 CR. TESU - 39 CR. Middle Georgia State University - 15 CR. Sonoran Desert Institute - 42 CR. COSC - 6 CR. Excelsior - 6 CR. CLEP - 6 CR. Sophia - 14 CR. TEEX - 2 CR. Shmoop - 18 CR. NFA - 4 CR. The Institutes - 2 CR. FEMA - 20ish

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(09-17-2018, 06:03 PM)Crt Wrote: Hello -

If an application asks my GPA, what would you recommend if credits were from one of the Big 3?  

Thank you.

you simply list what it is - you DO have a GPA. I doubt you'll have a big opportunity to explain, likely just a little box that allows numbers only - just list it an move on. If they want your transcripts or have questions (both unlikely) you can explain that your credits were earned non-traditionally or transfer or whatever happened.
(09-17-2018, 06:03 PM)Crt Wrote: Hello -

If an application asks my GPA, what would you recommend if credits were from one of the Big 3?  

Thank you.

Most applications will request it in this format:

School: Thomas Edison State University
Degree: Bachelors of Art 
Major: Liberal Studies 
GPA: 4.0

I put 4.0 because the 1 class I took there was an A. To put anything else is inaccurate. It may seem deceptive to put 4.0 when in reality you have a 3.3333333 from your life time of credits but you need to keep in mind if you cannot give them exactly what they are asking for on a simple application how can they expect you to perform the job accurately? 

If the application wants to know what your GPA is for that school then be accurate, if it specifies cumulative GPA then again be accurate. 

To be honest, to date I have not met any hiring manager who cared about GPA.

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