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When to request Capstone
I'm into the final stretch and need to start considering the SOS-110 and capstone couses. I have 3 SL courses left with test only and then the final 4 SDC UL courses to knock out.
Darthweezy - I would recommend taking your time to complete all the SL/SDC before taking both the capstone/cornerstone. My suggestion is to take the October or November Cornerstone/Capstone together after all your SL/SDC is complete (doesn't matter about sending it into TESU yet). You can apply for grad before Jan 1 and graduate in March.

And here's the graduation link: Link:
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That sounds like a plan. I wasn't planning to start the TESU courses until I was completely done with SL/SDC but I didn't know if I needed to register now or when to.
I wouldn't wait until the last minute. Once your transcripts are in, start the request to register for the capstone as close to the beginning of the registration period (which will be about a month before the term starts) as you can. I would also suggest that you might want to take SOS-110 a term or two before the capstone rather than have them both starting and ending at exactly the same time.
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If you still the 4 UL courses you need to do most of those. Now that TESU requires all/most of the AOS done and submitted before registering for the capstone. You probably would need to have at least 2 of those done before registering for the capstone.

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