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iPhone SE 2020 - Most Affordable iPhone $399
Just checking out some stuff online and came across this iPhone launch, should be on Friday the 17th of April.  From the looks of things, it's like an upgrade to the iPhone 6/7/8 but in size, and the components are the same or similar to the iPhone 11.  The main thing that caught my eye is the eSIM support and it uses the fastest processor - iPhone SE 2020 (Same CPU as iPhone 11)

Tech Link
Tom's Guide info:
TheVerge Link:
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  • CarpeDiem8
Thank you, I've been waiting for this! I have been clinging onto my SE with a kung fu like grip and hoped they'd make another small size before it dies!
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I still prefer my ASUS  Smile
I am using ROG Phone II
It is very worth for that price.

For the benchmark:
man, I was so ready to hit the Report button and mark this as spam

you take away all my fun
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(04-16-2020, 10:12 AM)bluebooger Wrote: man, I was so ready to hit the Report button and mark this as spam              

you take away all my fun

Yeah, I saw it last night and was about to remove it based on the title. Smile
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