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to all my travels? best travel forum advice?
I need to plan a trip to south east Asia.I was planning on summer, during June.

I hear its monsoon season. is this really the case?

do you guys know of any good resource, like a forum. I would like to find out information on travel.

I read stuff like this which says I can visit whenever. but then people tell me differently!

so all and all I am confused. I am also a rookie traveler and have never been out of the country!
It depends on where you're traveling. Would you be visiting the outskirts, i.e. villages, plantations, mountains, basically, getting up close with nature? Or mainly touring within the cities? Traveling in the outskirts can be a little difficult if its rainy.
I've never been, but I use Reviews of Hotels, Flights and Vacation Rentals - TripAdvisor for opinions. You can also try Fodor's Travel Guides - Plan Your Trip Online or www. Both sites have forums, and I've found them helpful.
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Where in South East Asia are you going?
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Thailand - Lonely Planet
thanks for all the replies. truth be told I have no idea where I want to go in south east Asia. leaning towards Thailand and Cambodia. I am curious when do you guys think the best time to buy a flight would be. I am super unorganized which is my flaw.

I live just outside the Washington DC.
Why are you traveling? It doesn't appear to be business, so I will assume leisure. What type of activities do you enjoy? Hiking and exploring nature, visiting well preserved historical sites, nightlife, etc. Is safety a factor?

Before you leave for another country you should review State Department travel warnings and the appropriate country profile (I used Thailand as an example).

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