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western civilization 1 clep
I am taking Western Civilization 1 CLEP tomorrow and NEED to pass to fulfill my history credit to graduate in June yet. I did the Petersons practice test and got a 48%, studied a little bit more (watched half of the youtube Mometrix video and read most of the REA book), did the REA test 1 and got a 46%. I am at a lost!!! I don't know what else to do to feel prepared and score higher, I would be happy with the minimum score of 50, as long as I pass!!! I am just ready to break and give up right now. 

Any help or tips would be appreciated

If you have to take the test tomorrow, then keep reviewing the concepts you're missing on the tests, keep watching the videos and reviewing the Rea guides. Take notes and maybe make flash cards. Put your focus on the sections/questions you keep missing.
Free Clep prep has short study guides that are good for last minute prep so you may want to look into that.
A "50" on the Clep is equivalent to a 65-70% score so if you're consistently getting below 50% you may be pushing you luck a bit.
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CLEP(9cr): Intro Sociology 63 Intro Psych 61 US GOV 71
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CompTIA: A+
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Review sections you are weak in.
You can look for quizzes on Quizlet for a nice break from just reading.
Watch some YouTube videos on the subject- especially areas you might be weak in.
Make sure you know the breakdown of the test and study the areas that have the highest percentages. Western Civ 1 covers a vast timeframe though so I know that can be challenging.
Try to at least understand the overall picture of history so that you can at least make an educated guess on questions where you are unsure.
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If I'm down to the wire, I don't review things I am weak in, I review things I'm strong in. If you can "count on" getting X, Y, and Z right you'll be able to take advantage of low hanging fruit. Really really know what you already know - the rest is like studying for a game of Trivial Pursuit imo.
How long have you spent preparing? to be honest, this isnt an exam I would take after just a week or two of preparation. there is a VAST amount of information on this exam. You need an intricate understanding of not just dates, events and important people but also prevailing social and political ideology of the various time periods.

You are being tested on THOUSANDS of years of history in this exam, do not take it lightly. I have been preparing to take this test for the past two months, and have it scheduled at the start of June. despite spending the last 8 weeks prepping, I am still not fully confident in my abilities.

THis also isnt my first rodeo, I've passed 5 other clep exams including both US history I and II.

EDIT: I see this post is a week old, Op did you wind up passing your exam?
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