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ALEKS stats question
I'm still working my way through ALEKS' Intro to Stats, and I have what is probably a silly question.  How do I learn how to use the calculator?  I've never used a calculator for any function more advanced than the square root button, so I don't even know how standard or non-standard the ALEKS calculator is, and I'm not sure what to look up.

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Christopher Newport U:
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Amer. Coll. of Healthcare Sciences: 52 credits (plus 14 non-transferable) Pers Fin, Amer Gov
Shmoop: Bible as Lit, Lit in Media
SL: Bus. Ethics, IT Fundamentals, Intro to Religion, Intro to Comm, Intro to Sociology, Surv of World History, Engl Comp II

TECEP: Intro to Critical Reasoning (didn't transfer)
Mod States/CLEP: College Comp
ALEKS: Intro Stats
John Wood on Youtube seems to have the best info for this.
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+1 for John Wood. You will not find any better source.
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The Aleks Intro to Stats course is VERY DIFFICULT I wish I would have just done it on SL.
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Not silly at all!!! I had the same question and frustration in 2008 Wink Learning to use my calculator changed everything lol.
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Rachel, whatever you do, do NOT forget to write down every single problem type. Some of the problems are so similarly worded, that you'll need a physical record of them to go back to and note the differences. Sometimes it's just a single word that changes how a problem is worked out. Writing it down also works a different part of the brain, which aids in remembering the formulas later on. I used up half a note book on Intro to Stats.  I had charts, graphs, drawings, you name it. I would even tape notes all around my desk and walls so that I could see them during the tests. Yes Stats was difficult, but I got through it in ten days all because of my trusty notebook. I don't know how anyone could do it without proper notes. Best of luck.
ALEKS: College Algebra, Intro to Statistics
Sophia: Ancient Greek Philosophers, Developing Effective Teams, Essentials of Managing Conflict
The Institutes: Ethics 312


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