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ASVAB Study Advice?
dfrecore Wrote:Peterson's has a website that has many practice exams, the ASVAB being one of them. I have access to it for free through my local library system (San Diego County). Check your library system to see if it's available there. Also, ask a friend in the military, they have access to it as well through a DOD website. They may be able to help you get access.

gingerbeefE Wrote:jeeze, reviving a 7-year-old thread. Better off starting your own. There are several sections, any one in particular you need an 80 in? General? electrical? mechanical? I would just rent or buy some study books, lots of material that cover the sections out there.

+1 on this, exactly what I would do, I would add trying to find practice exams and just passing em too.
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I'm pretty sure the poster that revived this thread is a bot. The post is an exact word for word copy paste of a sentence in the OP.
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Someone at work just asked me how to pass the asvab. (I actually had to look here to see what everyone suggested). I took the asvab my senior year, didn't study for it at all and scored decent enough to go to the ARMY's LPN school. I don't remember it being very hard at all. Granted I was still in high school so that is probably why. My coworker is fluent in Turkish, Arabic etc and probably his language skills would be very wanted in the Army (he is a Christian refugee from Syria who wants to repay this country back by entering the armed services) but because of the conflict back home he wasn't able to finish his schooling and his math and English skills are not the best. He finally completed his GED. I figure the GED can't be that different from the asvab? Maybe even a bit easier? I think if he passed his GED, the Asvab might be similar or maybe even a bit easier? Has anyone here taken both? I took the asvab back in 93 so I am the wrong person to give him any advice. I saw above someone rec'd Peterson's website. THat is what I recommended to him. Or perhaps since he is fresh from taking and passing the GED he should just dive into the ASVAB?
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