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Are equivalencies definitive?
Trying to line up credits for my sons at COSC - when SDC, SL, Sophia etc show the equivalencies for a particular college, have you found that list to be definitive?

For example, Saylor offers Bio 101, but it is not listed on their COSC equivalency page ( But it is listed in the degree forum wiki as being something you can transfer in to COSC as a Bio elective (no lab). 

My gut is to trust the equivalency pages. Your experiences?

I know the bottom line is what happens when you actually get evaluated!


I would trust the equivalency pages over the Wiki. If you have any questions about how particular classes came in to COSC you can always ask here too!
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Pages are only as current as the people that update them - that goes for wiki or Saylor or anyone. I would use the pages as a starting point, but then you can always post here to see if anyone has any new info to add, but planning for months and years down the road always has an element of risk.
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The equivalency pages are not by any means a complete list of transferable courses. They are just a list of ones for which an equivalency has been officially established
Link to all credits earned: Link
mysonx3The equivalency pages are not by any means a complete list of transferable courses. They are just a list of ones for which an equivalency has been officially established

I struggle also with the information.

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