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Are the Math classes on any good?
(12-19-2018, 07:02 PM)gamebradie Wrote:
(12-19-2018, 06:17 PM)davewill Wrote: Whatever provider or study source you choose, I urge you to supplement with a good textbook and solutions manual. Mastering math requires doing lots of problems, and if you're teaching yourself, then the solutions manual is priceless. Note: a solutions manual is different from just having answers like the back of a math textbook usually has. The solutions manual will actually walk you through HOW to solve the problems. I don't think I would have gotten through Discrete Math without one. Luckily, textbooks are dirt cheap (like $10 shipped) if you don't have to buy a particular (new) edition and don't care if it's used.

What's a good book for the required math classes for the CS degree?

Openstax has free online textbooks for math up through calculus. Not sure if they have solutions manuals.

I have had success using free online math solvers like this one:
To show me step by step how to do problems I struggle with. I know they have some that work for calculus/differential equations as well. Btw I don't remember exactly which free sites/apps I used but it shouldn't be too hard to find with Google.
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There are a few math classes that ladder up the knowledge, from free to $70/course. If you want to save up some cash vs taking it from these providers, MS/CLEP is the way to go. If it was for me, I would take a few courses (enough for the ASNSM Math) and place it into the Gen Ed or Free Electives.

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CSMLearn Quantitative Reasoning - 3 credits Math (may duplicate Math 119) Calculus I, Discrete Math, Geometry, Statistics - 15 credits total
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I dont think SDC math courses are good at all for learning.

Aleks is good for Algebra and Trig. For college algebra I seriously cant recommend Sophia enough! To date its still the most consistent and well put together math course I have done anywhere.

I was doing the Calculus on SDC and stopped it with one module to go to learn Calc for myself through SL as it really didnt feel rigorous at all with

If you plan on doing grad school putting in the extra work now will pay off, all the fun stuff use higher level math. SL has Calc I and II though the material is inconsistent.

I think SL Calculus is better option and since I'm doing ASNSM Math at the same time Calc I and II at SL is better as its 8 credits vs 6 from SDC not to mention it is watered down.

If you need extra math courses Geometry and a few lower level math courses on SDC fit well into an ASNSM if you need it.

I agree with bjcheng77 if you're doing the CS degree doing the ASNSM in Math is a good choice. Calc II, Stats, Precalc, Geometry and something else should be about enough additional classes to get you that degree.

Though I didnt offically finish the SDC course it is for non-stem majors and dosent preapare you for Calc II. If you want to stop at Calc then SDC is the best option, else the resources others mentioned here cant be beat.

Also decide if you really want to learn or pass. If I rush through calc right now I will pass, but I want to undersrand the stuff.

I found professor Leonard on Youtube and went through his lectures now I'm doing '1001 Calculus practice problems for dummies', its written by PatrickJMT (he is awesome for math!)

Also if you want to get a working knowledge of Calc check out 'Highlights of Calculus' or 'Big Picture of Calculus' by Prof. Gil Strang from MIT. It is really really helpful the way he explains things.

After hearing him talk with the guy who created math lab I took a detour and started learning linear algebra on my own btw the book 'No Bullshit guide to Linear Algebra' get you up to speed wickedly fast! And I actually stopped working on the Calc cause linear algebra is so fascinating! I wish I could find a cheap course somewhere for it!

Also the book Handbook of Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers was recommended to me and its fun to look at higher math concepts its very dense and compact.

Oh one more thing a fun series on youtube 'imaginary numbers are real' really helped me with some visualization stuff and gave me that 'aha' moment with visualizing stuff. Its nice to watch.

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Only goes through Algebra (also has Stats, but I haven't used that one personally), but was an incredibly helpful resource for me in taking the College Math and College Algebra CLEPs. Absolutely love those videos. Really wish he would do a Calculus series, but it's more geared towards high school so not sure that will ever happen.

Basically I think the main point is that your best bet is that the for-credit options are not the best options for learning when it comes to math, and if you really want a strong foundation you should use the many not-for-credit options that have been listed here (and countless others) and then do whatever's convenient for earning the credit. I will say, however, that I thought the videos (at least the ones I've gotten through so far) for SL Calc I were very good (if hugely cringe-worthy). The explanations for the practice problems were not great though.

I second the wish for a cheap Linear Algebra course or exam. C'mon providers, make it happen for us!

Edit: after posting I realized I already said the part about the for-credit options not being the best for learning earlier in this thread. Sorry for the redundancy!
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(12-19-2018, 07:02 PM)gamebradie Wrote: What's a good book for the required math classes for the CS degree?

For Discrete Math, I used the Kenneth Rosen book. Just Google "Discrete Math Rosen".
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