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CLEP: Pros vs. Cons?
Hey all!  Next week I will be taking my College Composition CLEP Exam and then going to knock out the Analyzing & Interpreting Literature CLEP, but curious as to the benefits of CLEP vs. the current popular route of using SL/SDC/Sophia/etc. for obtaining credits?  I have read through a lot of past posts on here that showcase a variety of feelings on CLEP and thought it would be nice to have a central topic to discuss whether or not people still view these tests as a logical option.  From what I have gathered: 

- Not having to take the course
- If you are great at studying, then this is the option
- Testing & Admin costs paid for by ModernStates
- Far more cost effective if you can test out

- For some, it’s easier to test out at Straighterline
- Abysmal testing dates for a lot of universities (My local one close by only does every other Wednesday at 1PM)
- If you fail, you can’t take the exam again until three months later
- Cost-wise, it’s more than a course if you have an SL membership and have to pay for your test or choose to not use MS for a voucher

What are everyones’ opinions here?  Personally, I’m not great at test-taking, but going through ModernStates and attempting a CLEP with some studying isn’t a bad solution.  When I pass this College Composition exam, that’s my English Comp. I & II all factored in so I can move-on to other things.  With studying every day for 3-4 hours and 2 weeks of studying via IC, Peterson’s & MS, that’s not bad for two courses.
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Sophia (3); Institutes (3); TEEX (21); CSM (3); CLEP (12); SL (45); InstantCert (6)Study (21) TESU (6)
Another pro would be that they are accepted by more schools than ACE/NCCRS.
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Journey Thread:

A pro is that clep is far more likely to be be accepted than other sources of credit. This doesn't really matter for the big 3. But other schools are far more likely to accept clep than nccrs or ace.

Another pro is some cleps are are worth 6 credits or even 9 for the foreign language compared to the usual 3.

Another pro is the if you already know the subject this can be some of the quickest credit out there.

A con is you have to leave the comfort of your own home to take the test.
I agree with the points already made.

The biggest reason that students avoid ModernStates/CLEP seems to be if they are nervous about tests and don't want to take 1 big exam. They would rather have untimed portions and/or many shorter timed portions.

Of course, there are also some courses that aren't available through CLEP. There might be some CLEP which aren't available through other providers yet. I'm not sure.

Also, CLEP language exams seem to be difficult, especially because it can be hard to hear the recordings at a test center. Sometimes native speakers say they are challenging.
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A pro of CLEP is that the proctoring is done at a testing center. They keep things quiet and take care of the technology.
IMO, SL and some others require little memorization, while most CLEPs do. and some others have written assignments, but I'm not sure about comparing that to CLEP as those are UL courses.

Most of the online proctored exams can be taken in the middle of the night or on weekends.
May not finish second TESU degree, but I'm close.
First Masters complete. Working on another.
TESU BSBA (with ASNSM) in March 2018.
Thank you all so much for the great opinions! I was just curious about how others felt about CLEP’s vs. alternative credits. I will say, the hardcore studying of my current CLEP endeavor hasn’t been enjoyable, but I think I will knock out a few more before I’m done with CLEP’s.
TESU September 2020 Graduate
Bachelor of Arts  in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Social Sciences

Sophia (3); Institutes (3); TEEX (21); CSM (3); CLEP (12); SL (45); InstantCert (6)Study (21) TESU (6)
Another pro with CLEPs is the relative abundance and variety of study resources already out there. Having a wide selection of study materials to choose from like Instantcert, REA books, Peterson tests, and Modern States courses can be really helpful to someone who wants a stronger grasp of the subject before taking the test, as well as those whose study styles aren't particularly well suited to the e-books certain courses provide. Smile

Also, there is quite a bit of useful feedback from people who have taken the test before. If you're in a pinch, using someone else's notes as a basis to study can work surprisingly well.
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So.... how did it go?
(09-02-2019, 03:22 PM)cookderosa Wrote: So.... how did it go?

The CLEP was interesting, but the environment I took it in was less-than pleasant, as they had to physically inspect my glasses, my engagement ring and every part of my pants to ensure I wouldn’t cheat.  They even used a metal detector on me, haha.  Still, they were just doing their jobs.  Regardless, I won’t know my score until the 15th and I believe the wait is far more difficult compared to the actual exam.  XD
TESU September 2020 Graduate
Bachelor of Arts  in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Social Sciences

Sophia (3); Institutes (3); TEEX (21); CSM (3); CLEP (12); SL (45); InstantCert (6)Study (21) TESU (6)

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