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Computer Science Degree Plan
FYI, although we do generally use $100/class as a rule of thumb around here for alternative credits, if you take a significant number of CLEPs your number will be lower as long as you do them through Modern States to get them for free.
Link to all credits earned: Link
WGU might be the better option. I think ita more cost effective for the CS degree.

If you are a US citizen, then WGU is the way to go!

MS Management, TESU (0/36)
Master of Theological Studies, Nations University (3/36)

UNDERGRAD : 184 Credits

BA Computer Science, TESU  '19
BA Liberal Studies, TESU  '19
AS  Natural Science and Mathematics, TESU  '19

Alt Credit:
StraighterLine (27 Cr)   Shmoop (18 Cr)  Sophia (11 Cr)
TEEX (5 Cr) Aleks (9 Cr)  ED4Credit (3 Cr) CPCU (2 Cr) (39 Cr)

TESU (4 cr)
TT B&M (46 Cr)  Nations University  (9 cr)  UoPeople: (3 cr) Penn Foster: (8 cr)  

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For WGU (my 0.02):

Intro to IT is CLEP'able via Information Systems
Geography is CLEP'able via Intro to Psych/Sociology
English Comp is CLEP'able
Integrated Science is CLEP'able via Chemistry (not sure about Biology) or the Astronomy DSST
Project Management is available from
Science Lab - save the $$ and do it through takes a couple of days at most
Intro to Comms can also be done via SDC
Intro to Humanities is also CLEP'able via A&I Lit (a much easier test from what I hear)
American Politics is likely CLEP'able via American Government
Stats can be done via DSST/SDC as well
There is a new DSST that will likely cover Ethics in Tech
Technical Comms can be covered via the Tech Writing DSST
Working On:  WGU MS-ITM (start early 2020), GA Tech OMSC (start early 2021?)
Completed:  WGU BSCSIA (started 10/1/2018, finished 01/11/2019)
Journey Thread:

(01-22-2019, 05:10 PM)oneyearcs Wrote:
(01-22-2019, 02:42 PM)!=scholar Wrote: Software Engineering at Saylor is ACE approved, so they (WGU) should be able to take that.
Operating Systems is at SDC and ACE approved, I believe.

Are you talking about: and  I'm wondering why these don't show up at Do you know for sure that WGU will take it?

It looks like Software Engineering is only 3 credits, but WGU wants 4. I don't see Operating Systems on ACE.

It would be a huge help if these worked. I feel like I need just a few more credit sources to make a 1 term WGU work.

Does anyone know of sources for Discrete Mathematics I (4), Business of IT - Project Management (4), American Politics and the US Constitution (3), Ethics in Technology (3), or Technical Communication (3)? Those seem likely candidates to transfer, maybe.

Its always up to the discretion of the school whether or not they will take it. I agree with whoever said its best to ask first. 
"It looks like Software Engineering is only 3 credits, but WGU wants 4."

Doesn't matter. If the evaluator feels the course fits, you'll get a "transfer" or "requirement satisfied" and get the 4 credits. For example, "Intro to IT" is 4 credits, while the Information Systems CLEP is only ACE accredited for 3. For me they transferred in the CLEP and gave me the 4 credits.
Working On:  WGU MS-ITM (start early 2020), GA Tech OMSC (start early 2021?)
Completed:  WGU BSCSIA (started 10/1/2018, finished 01/11/2019)
Journey Thread:

I see several posts here saying WGU, even two terms, is cheaper. How is that possible when one term is $3,225 and two would be $6450, assuming there are no other fees?

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