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DSST Org Behavior
I will be taking my first DSST (or CLEP) test next week on Thursday the 4th. I have been reviewing the IC flashcards and have 98% of the material down. Please, if you don't mind, send some good vibes my way this week and next week while I continue to review for this exam.

I would like to thank everyone on this forum for all of the support that can be seen in every thread. I finally built up courage enough (with the help of everyone here) to jump off the deep end and try to test out of a class as opposed to sitting in the classroom. If this one goes well, I will take MacroEcon the following week after 1 week of hard studying followed by Money and Banking a couple of weeks after that.
Does it really take 4 to 10 weeks to get your score back? Thats what the education office at my base told me over the phone today when I set up the exam? Thats a helluva wait:mad:
[SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]Not nearly that long, take a look at this thread it should give you a better idea.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I took the Organizational Behavior DSST a few weeks ago and passed it. I'm still not sure by how much, but the Navy College Office on my test has a program and scanner that gives a pass/fail indication for the test before they ever send it off.

I took the DSST before I had discovered InstantCert, but I found the study material in the Official DSST Guide to be quite helpful. The questions were also a good indication of if you'd pass or fail. It can be viewed here:

Incidentally, I also used the DSST Guide to study and pass my Principles of Management (CLEP) and Human Resources Management (DSST). I just studied the overviews for:

Introduction to Business
Introduction to Supervision
Human Resources Management
Organizational Behavior

That was all I needed to pass all three tests. Hope this helps.
I looked over the Official Study Guide and took the post test. I did quite well so I feel comfortable going into the exam tomorrow. I am going to go back over all of the IC material plus skim back through the study guide for any information that I may be lacking. Wish me luck! I'll report back what I thought of the test tomorrow afternoon.
Best of luck!!!!!!!
Just got back from the test center and feel confident that I passed. I feel that the IC flashcards helped in giving a broad view of what to expect on the test. There was several questions on the test that look like they were in a foreign language, but I feel that the material from IC and the Official DSST study guide is enough to pass the test. Some questions can be answered with common sense.

I'm talking that I passed, lets hope that in 4 weeks my results show that!
Just got my results back...I got a 58! Another one bites the dust. So far, IC has saved me over $1000 by helping me get credit for 2 classes. Next, on to Microeconomics and perhaps money and banking!!!
Nice work blonco!
Congratulations Blonco! That's fantastic news.

And it sounds like congrats are due to you too, Old Rusty Pipe.
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