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Debating on changing TESU BALS NSM (CS/CIS) to TESU BACS
Hi All.  I have been reading about the new courses and I want to take advantage of it.
Is this TESU BACS degree worth the cost of SOS-110 and another one of those Residency Waiver fees?

My residency waiver is up at the end of June.  My courses are complete and I am sending in my transcripts.
I will not make the June cut off for graduation but will for September.  I want to delay my BALS.

A BALS NSM concentration with mainly CS/CIS courses isn't as good as a BACS on paper and on a resume. 
If you were in my shoes, would you fork out the extra $1175 and an extra $2200 for a BACS?
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Seriously, a CS degree is much more marketable. I'd have recommended it even if you'd had to pay for 3 or 4 courses.
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It depends on your work experience, current certifications and more importantly what do you want to do professionally.  That money may be better spent going towards a master degree (such as through WGU), but as I said it depends on your career path and current experience.

Also, f you add the BSCS w/TESU I don't think you'd need to take the SOS-110 since you don't need it for your BALS. I say email TESU and ask them to Add the BSCS (don't remove the BALS you have already), and see where you land.
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The BACS is through the Heavin Arts of Sciences, just as the BALS is, so I think you may be ok just switching your degree, and you won't have to do the SOS-110 course. I could be wrong, but it's certainly a good idea to ask.

As far as a BACS vs a BALS, it is DEFINITELY worth some extra time and money. Honestly, the BALS is mostly a checkbox degree, and I would say that the BACS is MUCH more valued in the marketplace.

I would try to finish your courses before your RW expires, and see if you can't slide in under the deadline. Then, all it would cost are the remaining courses you need for the BACS.
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I'm new here, but I've worked as a professional college counselor for years. I would also argue that a CS degree will be much more valuable to you than a bare-bones LS, as it demonstrates a specialized skill set. For most people, the initial cost is largely insignificant in terms of potential lifetime earnings.

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I guess it all depends what you want to do. If your chosen career path doesn't really have anything to do with computer science then I it doesn't really matter. Other than that, I agree with the other posts.
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