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Not sure if this is possible. Something I would like to see improve upon is your search tool. Many times I have come here in search of words such as: gre, edx and SL. Posts which reference SL hopefully contain the word Straighterline for better search results. But not many people refer to gre as graduate record exam. I don't think edx is anything except edx.

When I try to search for these terms, the search feature let's me know the word is too short. I don't mean to sound ungrateful because I love this forum and it's many members, some of whom I have developed personal friendships with (I know that's not proper grammar).

Is there a means by which the search feature could search 2 or 3 letter words as we can easily search words like SL, edx and gre? Maybe an add-on program or applet?

Yes, the forum search software is pretty lame. I would recommend using Bing to search the site and just add on "" to the end of your search phrase.

For example:
psychology gre
Thank you Steve. I usually do use an independent search engine when needed. It would be great to remain on the forum as I sometimes get side-tracked when I leave it to do my searches. :-)
look at the menu at the top of this page

click on any of
Forum Actions
Quick Links

been like that forever
Google > use ' "search term" '
no quotes

I never use the default search, its pretty bad.
I think thats a vBulletin thing, and not necessarily a site mandate thing.

I'm on several forums around the web, and few, if any have a search facility that works well for me. The problem with google is how often it might scrape the site; more valuable sites get updated more frequently, while on others, you may miss fresher results.

I'm guessing it's a resource issue; I don't know how much might be eaten up the fewer characters involved.
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