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ECE's grading criteria
I am about to take my first ECE next Wed. (Research Methods in Psychology) and am a little nervous about it. I have a few of questions:
1. I know that CLEP and DSST are scaled scores, are ECE's scaled as well or is it a percent that you have to get?

2. I know they are multiple choice, does anyone know if there are 4 choices (like CLEP), 5 (like DSST), or some other number? How about True/False?

3. Does anyone who has taken this particular ECE have any advice that is not in the feedback section? It doesn't look like there have been as many people take the ECE's.

Thanks for any help you can give,
[SIZE="1"]AAS (Electronics), TESC-Done
BA Psychology, TESC-Done & waiting
Tests- Eng. Comp. w/ Essay-51, Principles of Mgmt.-59, Intro. to Soc.-62, US History I-66, US History II-61, Intro. to Psych.-68, Biology-55, A&I Lit.-62, Ed. Psych.-63, Soc. Sci. and History-63, Human Growth & Development-65, American Gov't-64, Tech. Writing-63, HTYH-64, Drug & Alc. Abuse-58, Org. Behavior-67, Prin. of Statistics-62, Intro. World Religion-68, Intro to Computing-403, Ethics-439. Research Methods in Psych.-A, Psych. of Personality TECEP-73, Abnormal Psych TECEP-74, Industrial Psych-71
Look on Exelsiors website under the exams tab. On the far right hand corner you will see: Excelsior College Exams Technical Handbook 2006 (PDF) This will tell you the curve.

If you look at the exam content guide, that will give you an idea of how many multiple choice questions (4 or 5 choices)there will be.

I have not yet had a true/false question that I recall. I've only taken two ECE exams as of last week!
Research Methods in Psychology is very passable. If you haven't done Statistics yet, you really should do that first, as a lot of the knowledge applies to this exam too. The very best prep for this exam is the Princeton Review Cracking the GRE Psychology book -- specifically the two or three very short chapters on research and experiment design. I also used the Barron's Psychology book, and the EZ-101 Notes. If I'm interpreting the info in the Technical Handbook correctly, you need about a 74% raw score to get an A. That would be about 119 questions correct out of the 160 on the exam -- except that some of the questions (you don't know which ones or how many) are not counted in your score, but are being evaluated for future forms of the exam.


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