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Earning a Degree as a Nuclear ET
I want to help my brother earn his Bachelors degree. He is smart, but doesn't care or know about degree planning, thats why I am doing it for him. He is currently a Navy Nuclear Electronics Technician finished all the schooling and is now deployed. He is very good at taking tests. Would like to help him earn a degree using almost exclusively CLEP and DSST testing. Possibly a Nuclear degree and a second degree in IT or business. Not interested in a Liberal arts degree.

What degree options would be best for this situation? Thoughts?
This one perhaps?
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For tesu, it's better to go for the NEET, not NET. It's ~2 extra classes but has ABET accreditation.
Excelsior also has an ABET degree for Navy nukes. Theirs offers a few concentrations:

Either of those degrees would take over 60 of his credits from nuke training leaving only a handful of AOS courses to finish at the college. He can CLEP/DSST for free while he's in the service and that can cover virtually all of his general education requirements. He just needs to contact the base college counselor. There's also some college courses that he may be allowed to do at sea. Requirements vary by command. Both excelsior and tesu tuition is $250/credit for active duty which is how much tuition assistance will cover if he gets approval. Using the TA is somewhat limited so I would only use it for the courses that he absolutely is required to do at the college(14 credits for me at tesu but his results will vary since I was MMN and he is ETN).
Speaking of your brother being ETN, he may want to get an eval of TESU BS electronics systems engineering technology as it is also ABET. TESU BS tech studies is another option to look into if he doesn't want to do 14+credits at the college. There are various other IT and other tech type degree options at TESU and Excelsior that he can explore. Old Dominion is the 3rd college that accepts a large amount of credits from Navy nukes training, however the remainder of the degree isn't as flexible as tesu and excelsior. So there are a lot of options to weigh.
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CLEP(9cr): Intro Sociology 63 Intro Psych 61 US GOV 71
OD(6cr): Robotics, Cyber
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When he decides which degree he wants, I can help complete a plan for the Gen Eds and things like that.
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